Monitor temperature and humidity nonstop.

Measuring technology for food storage must be able to do one thing above all: Constantly provide reliable measurement results without causing unnecessary work.

That’s exactly what’s offered by the Testo data loggers and the data monitoring system testo Saveris 2, which are also all DIN EN 12830 compliant and HACCP certified. Both measurement solutions measure and document temperature and humidity automatically and without interruption.

Use the adjacent infographic to find out which loggers best support you in your work.

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Uninterrupted documentation in real time and with alarm: Data monitoring system

WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2
  • Monitors and documents temperature and humidity automatically and without interruption
  • Easily integrated into an existing wireless LAN
  • Measurement values are stored in the loggers and in the Testo Cloud
  • Access to all measurement data by PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Alarms by SMS, e-mail or push

Uninterrupted documentation: Data loggers

testo 176 T1 temperature data logger
  • Measurement and document temperautre and humidity reliably
  • Approved according to EN 12830
  • Easy data evaluation on a PC

Find the right measuring instrument: With the product consultant

Product consultant
With just a few questions, we can together find out which measuring instrument perfectly meets your needs.

Useful downloads and infos

Flyer: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Compact measurement knowledge to go
  • Short overview of the most important measuring instruments

Brochure: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Decision-making help: How to find the right measuring instrument
  • Products in detailed comparison