Efficient adjustment of ventilation systems

Measurement solutions for ventilation systems.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems require a great deal of energy.
However, for a pleasant indoor climate, they are indispensable.

Measuring instruments from Testo help you to regulate the plants efficiently

  • To achieve significant savings quickly
  • To guarantee a feel-good climate in all rooms in the process

Take advantage of Testo's technical facility management expertise!

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Our recommendations for efficiently adjusted ventilation and air conditioning systems

Universal air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 400

  • Standard-compliant HVAC grid measurement in accordance with EN 12599
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Incl. analysis software and differential pressure sensor
  • Perfect for standard-compliant measurements
  • Guided programs for HVAC grid measurements and comfort levels (PMV/PPD)
  • Full documentation that can be completed right on site

testo 440 multifunction measuring instrument

  • Clearly structured measurement menus for volume flow, K-factor, cooling/heating output and long-term measurement
  • Large display for intuitive operation
  • Wireless measurement convenience with no cable clutter thanks to Bluetooth probes

Vane anemometer with measurement funnels

  • Simple, fast and precise measurement of individual environmental parameters
  • Uncomplicated configuration, via testo Smart App if desired
  • Compact and robust design

Compact instruments for duct, outlet and filter measurement

  • Easy, fast and precise measurement of flow rate, volume flow and temperature at air inlets and outlets
  • Fast in-app configuration, graph history, 2nd screen and measurement data memory in the testo Smart App
  • Incl. funnel kit for plate outlets and ventilation grilles