Your challenge: Ensuring a comfortable indoor climate

We all spend a large part of our lives in closed rooms. So it’s that much more important that the air quality and comfort levels here are right. Then people feel well and the risk of illness is also reduced. In order to guarantee this, and to create a pleasant climate in residential rooms and at workplaces, these parameters have to be measured and monitored:

  • CO2 content of the air
  • Turbulence
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Illuminance

For reasons of efficiency it is sensible not to use several measuring instruments for this, but just one, multi-function measuring instrument.

Practical guide: Comfort level measurement in the workplace

Your solutions: IAQ measuring instrument and smart IAQ kit

Air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument

testo 440
  • Intuitive measurement menus incl. for degree of turbulence and long-term CO2 measurement
  • Large graphic display
  • Internal data storage and USB port
Measure CO2

Extensive selection of probes

IAQ probes
  • 1 handle for all probe heads
  • Wireless probes for more convenience and less cable chaos

testo 440 Sonden

testo Smart Probes VAC kit

testo Smart Probes
  • Compact pro measuring instruments for your smartphone
  • For all important IAQ parameters
  • Operation/docu via App
Smartphone measuring instruments

Recommended products for comfort level and indoor air quality

testo 440 Comfort ComboKit

IAQ Messtechnik

testo Smart Probes VAC kit

Smart Probes Klima

Video: testo 440 in use

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Then IAQ pro for IAQ pros: The universal air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 400

testo 400 universal IAQ instrument

testo 400 comfort level kit

testo 400 WBGT kit

Measurement solutions for facility management

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