Full control over the quality management in your distribution centers.

At any time and from anywhere certainty about your quality processes.


In many distribution centers, manual list writing is part of everyday life. The consequence: Low transparency regarding the product condition and limited access possibilities. You know this problem? Get to know the digital world of quality management and learn more about testo Saveris Food Distribution Centers.

Your cold chain at a glance


  • More transparency:
    Fast overview of the condition of all products.


  • Secure compliance:
    Quality regulations are adhered to and weaknesses identified before problems can occur.


  • Increased efficiency:
    Less strain on staff; minimized loss of goods; reduced effort for audits and reporting.

Our seamless digital solution for comprehensive quality management in your distribution centers:

Sensor technology

Reliable collection of quality data.


Collection and evaluation of quality processes.


Competent partner worldwide.



Legal as well as company requirements can be transparently integrated into work processes.



Foods are prepared more safely, and staff are guided step by step through the quality checks.



Savings thanks to automated monitoring and efficient processing of quality checks.



Fast overview of planned and implemented quality checks.

„Reliable and seamless monitoring from anywhere at any time enables you to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing your food quality. As a food safety professional with 2 decades of experience measuring the execution of food quality and food safety programs I can appreciate how testo Saveris RRM (Restaurant, Retail & Manufacturing) enables a more preventative approach in controlling food quality and safety.“

Eric Moore, Certified Professional - Food Safety
Director of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Testo North America

Quality assurance in supermarkets with testo Saveris Food Stores

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Interested in measuring instruments?

From goods receiving to cart: With Testo you find the right measuring instrument for every process step in the supermarket.

With measuring instruments from Testo you can controll the compliance with the temperature limits along the complete cold chain.


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