Practical examples temperature measurement

Temperature measurement in air ducts: testo 905-T1

The testo 905-T1 is the ideal multifunction instrument for reliable temperature measurements in liquids, in soft or powdery substances and in the air. The penetration thermometer has a wide measuring range and a high-quality Type K thermocouple probe. This allows a very short acclimatization time t99 of less than 1 minute in moving air.

Parallel measurement of surface and air temperature: testo 810

On the one hand, the testo 810 can measure the surface temperature of a measurement object without contact as an infrared thermometer. On the other hand, it also measures air temperature with its integrated NTC temperature sensor. The temperature difference is shown in the display. The ideal measuring instrument, for measuring the surface temperature of radiators, air outlets or windows, and comparing them with the air temperature.

Measuring differential temperature on heating pipes: testo 922

The 2-channel temperature measuring instrument testo 922 is ideal for applications in the sanitation sector, in heating construction and in refrigeration and air conditioning technology. It records up to three temperature probes, and with the Velcro temperature probes included in the testo 922 set, long-term measurements of the differential temperature on heating pipes ( up to 120 mm diameter) can be conducted precisely.