Reinforcements for those who work in building energy consulting

Families and companies regularly rely on the recommendations of energy consultants to maintain or even increase the value of their property. A big responsibility, where every detail counts.

We think you deserve a helping hand. Reinforcements in the form of an instrument that sees everything of importance in your job, and can even do the work for you thanks to its practical functions.

testo 883 experience

Why does it always take what feels like an eternity to produce a really good report about an energy consultation? There must be a quicker way!

Video: Building thermography with the testo 883

The best image quality combined with professional reports

With the testo 883, there's no risk of any temperature differences going unnoticed during your work in energy consulting and building thermography. And with the testo IRSoft software, you can create professional reports that meet your own personal requirements faster than ever before.

The testo 883 thermal imager features an impressive infrared resolution of 320 x 240 pixels – which can even be expanded to 640 x 480 pixels with the built-in testo SuperResolution technology.

In addition, the thermal sensitivity of < 40 mK makes even the smallest temperature differences visible.

Use the testo IRSoft report wizard to generate professional reports quickly and easily – or use the software’s report designer to create customized templates in line with your own personal requirements. The software can be downloaded free of charge and without a licence.

Applications in building thermography

Professional energy consultation

Detect structural defects and safeguard construction quality

Prevent mould formation

Easy checking of heating systems and installations

Pinpoint pipe ruptures

Further advantages of the testo 883 thermal imager

testo ScaleAssist – Automatic contrast adjustment

The testo ScaleAssist technology ensures objectively comparable thermal images and optimum contrast. Any elements that are in the way or unimportant are automatically faded out and constructional defects are only displayed if they really exist.

testo Thermography App – Be smart and networked

With the testo Thermography App, measurements are transferred live to a smartphone/tablet – and your customers can relax in comfort as they follow what you see.

Testo humidity mode

Identify the risk of mould

Humidity mode depicts the risk of mould at thermal weak spots in the thermal image itself using traffic light colours. The required indoor air temperature and humidity readings are wirelessly transmitted to the imager from the optional testo 605i thermohygrometer.

Testo telephoto lens

Interchangeable telephoto lens

Simply switch from the standard lens to the telephoto lens for high-precision thermography of even distant objects.
Focusing the lens

Manual focusing

Manual focus for full control and sharp thermal images.