Van Tilburg Energie Design relies on Testo measuring instruments

The customer’s opinion

"In my job, I’m always reliant on my measuring instruments. Especially the storage and processing of the measurement data are becoming more and more important. That’s why we sat down a while ago to work out what I need to do my job as well as possible. In order to get information, I spoke to a Testo consultant at the VSK fair in Utrecht. It very soon became clear to me that testo 300 and testo 400 would be the right measuring instruments for my work. One of my workmates told me about a Testo promo where you could win a new testo 300. I took part, and actually won! Great!

I use the testo 300 flue gas analyzer mainly to adjust the plants during commissioning. The measuring instrument is user-friendly, and thanks to the large display, you have all the data directly in view, and I can save and export them.

I use the IAQ measuring instrument testo 400 to carry out air quality measurements when there are complaints about indoor air quality. A big advantage of this multi-function measuring instrument kit is that I can set it up in a room and conduct a measurement over a certain period. Later on I export the measurement data to an Excel file to process them further. Air measurements with the Pitot tube or the hot-wire probe also work very accurately. Here too, it’s an advantage that I can store the data for each customer. Even the measurements can be separately named and saved. There are different options for this, and that’s useful too, if you want to further process the data later on.

For me, the only disadvantage is that because of the large display, I have to charge the measuring instrument more often than my old device. If you keep a careful eye on it though, that’s not a big problem either, you just charge it beforehand.

All in all, I’m very happy with my Testo measuring instruments. I especially like the user-friendliness of the testo 300 and testo 400. If you can handle a smartphone, these measuring instruments are right for you."

Sebastiaan Moonen,

Service technician at Van Tilburg (Netherlands)

Sebastiaan Moonen with testo 300

The company

Van Tilburg Energie Design is active mainly in schools, business buildings, care homes and other public facilities.

Sebastiaan Moonen has been working as a service technician at Van Tilburg Energie Design for about five and a half years, and is responsible for the commissioning and adjustment of new plants, as well as the maintenance and repair of existing systems.

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