Preventive maintenance in the construction of luxury yachts

In the shipbuilder NOBISKRUG's modern production plants on the Kiel Canal, innovative technology is also used in infrastructure.

A Testo thermal imager is used for the purposes of regular maintenance and spot checks on plants, wiring and production machines. As an important mosaic stone in preventive maintenance at NOBISKRUG, it contributes daily to ensuring that all production steps smoothly mesh with each other.

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The Rendsburger shipbuilder NOBISKRUG enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation in the construction of luxury motor yachts. Founded in 1908 with only 18 workers, NOBISKRUG has today delivered more than 700 new vessels and numerous conversions.

The challenge

Therml imager Nobiskrug

The infrastructure department keeps production moving, and is responsible for all areas of maintenance: from the heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology to the constant functioning of all machines, plants, and also the impressive cranes.

NOBISKRUG looked for a suitable solution to facilitate work in preventive maintenance, and to extend the measurement possibilities.

The solution.

Yacht thermal imager

After a positive viability calculation for the acquisition of a thermal imager, the decision was in favour of a Testo instrument. The procurement of a thermal imager already paid off for NOBISKRUG in the first year of use, for example over 100 switchboards were checked in only six months. The detection of a leak had also puzzled the maintenance engineers for days. A plan to tear up 80 metres of road in order to access the leaky pipe had already been discussed. One last pre-inspection with the thermal imager, however, showed that the problem could not be there either. When the search was taken up again, the trail led to another building, which was actually supplied by a second heating circuit – and there the leak was located.

The beneifts at a glance:

Thermal imager testo 872

  • Efficient and non-contact maintenance of plants, even under full or partial load
  • Fast and reliable identification of problems, e.g. leakage detection
  • Preventive testing of wiring and production machines
  • Assurance of smooth production