Heating & Air Flow

Testo offers a wide range of high quality air flow measurement instruments and heating measurement instruments.

Air flow is a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a measurement tool.

The amount of air can be measured by its volume or by its mass. Typically it is measured by volume, but for some applications it is necessary to measure it by mass. Air is a gas, meaning its volume can vary with temperature. The air flow measurement instrument is called an air flow meter. Measuring the airflow is necessary in many applications such as ventilation (to determine how much air is being replaced) and engines (to control the Air–fuel ratio).

Differential pressure, or DP or ∆p, is simply the difference between two applied pressures.A differential pressure gauge is a visual indicator, designed to measure and illustrate the difference between two pressure points within a process system. A differential pressure gauge simplifies the process by finding the difference between the points

The flue gases arising from the combustion contain CO2, oxide or soot particles, amongst other things. These pollute the environment, have a negative effect on the climate and conceal numerous health risks for human beings. That is why it is absolutely essential to design combustion processes in a more efficient way, to optimise thermal processes and above all to reduce emissions.

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Flue gas analysis

Flue gas and emission measurement on heating systems and other small combustion plants serves to determine the level of pollutants emitted and the heating energy lost.

  • The atmosphere should be contaminated as little as possible by pollutants.
  • Energy should be used as efficiently as possible.

Servicing heat pumps

At Testo, you’ll find the right measurement technology for a cost and energy efficient operation of heat pumps. You also make sure the environment isn’t burdened by any leaked refrigerant. 

  • Pressure and temperature testing
  • Controlled refrigerant service
  • Easy tightness testing and evacuation

Differential pressure

Gas pressure testing on burners is one of the standard measurements during services of domestic heating systems. This involves measuring the gas flow pressure and gas resting pressure.

  • Optimum flow pressure in gas burners in the range form 18 to 25 mbar
  • Avoid heating system breakdown

Temperature measurement

Whether for flow and return temperatures, for radiators and underfloor heating system or for indoor air: Testo offers the entire range of temperature measuring instruments for heating contractors.

  • Large range of probes for max. flexibility
  • Optimally calibrated and norm-compliant measuring instruments

Electrical measurement

User-friendly measuring instruments with easy handling ensure precise and secure measurement of electrical parameters such as current, voltage or resistance.

  • Innovative multimeters, clamp probes, current testers and voltage testers
  • Testing of ionization flow in gas burners

Tightness and leakage

Tightness testing (better known as serviceability or leakage quantity testing) on pipe systems must be repeated every 12 years with a measuring instrument.

  • Testing drinking water pipe according to ZVSHK EN 806-4
  • Gas testing according to DVGW G5952, TRGI 2008 G600

Ambient CO measurement

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a dangerous gas. For this reason, the ambient CO contamination must be regularly checked at combustion sites where it can occur.

  • Secure CO measurement in seconds
  • CO zeroing at the measurement site