Analyze, evaluate and document thermal images.

Thermography at the highest level needs more than just a modern imager system. A high-performance analysis software is crucial in order to quickly and easily analyze and evaluate thermal images, and to document them in a report. The licence-free software testo IRSoft was specially developed for these requirements. It offers extensive analysis functions and is characterised by its intuitive operation and excellent user-friendliness.

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The challenge.

Analyzing thermal images
In professional thermography, the creation of sharp-focus thermal images is only a fraction of the actual job. The greatest challenges are hidden under the surface: seemingly simple ‘colourful’ images only become meaningful thermograms once they are subjected to subsequent processing and interpretation. These can then be used as a basis for efficient optimization measures on thermographically recorded objects. Finally, these findings and analyses need to be summarised in a professional report quickly and inexpensively. Of course, you also need to be able to edit all of the information contained in this report at a later stage, and to save the report in all the standard file formats.

The solution.

Software thermal imager
Examinbing thermal images
testo IRSoft is a high-performance PC software for professional thermography analysis. This software has been specially developed by Testo. A fully functional version of it is included with all Testo thermal imagers, and it can be installed licence-free on an unlimited number of computers.

The right feature for every requirement

testo IRSoft functions that you can use to analyze and process thermograms comprehensively on the PC include the following:

  • Change the temperature scale and range – for better highlighting of conspicuous details.
  • Change the emissivities of different materials, ranging from freely definable image areas down to individual pixels – for high-precision thermograms.
  • Display profile lines and histograms – for easy analysis of temperature curves and distributions.
  • Highlight the overshooting or undershooting of limit values – for visualising critical temperatures.
  • Place an unlimited number of measuring points, determine cold/hot spots and make comments – for customised thermography analysis that meets your requirements.
  • Work on several thermal images simultaneously – for efficient multitasking.

Twin Pix
Create thermography report

TwinPix: Two images in one.

The TwinPix function allows you to superimpose the real and thermal image of the measured object, so that you can navigate your way around the image easier and locate any areas of damage with precision. The real image does not necessarily need to have been taken with the thermal imager. You can also edit measured object images that have been photographed with a normal digital camera and from a different position. The transparency level in TwinPix allows you to then individually set the intensity of the real image or infrared image. And by setting infrared limits, thermal anomalies can be visualized easily and impressively in the real image.

Generate professional reports quickly.

The testo IRSoft report wizard provides you with step-by-step guidance to obtain a complete and clear report. A variety of report templates are available for selection, making report generation even easier for you. Whether you prefer a report that is brief and concise or one that is lengthy and detailed – the templates contain all the relevant information relating to the measuring location, measuring task and inspection results. You can even use the report designer to create your own customised templates really easily. The reports can be saved as PDF or RTF files (e.g. for further processing in Word) or in Testo's own TIR format. TIR was specially developed for testo IRSoft, and enables saved reports to be easily altered any time at a later date.

IRSoft – all the advantages at a glance:

Thermal imagers Testo with IRSoft

  • Analyze thermal images precisely
  • Evaluate several thermograms simultaneously
  • Generate professional thermography reports quickly and easily

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