Application example: Efficient facility management with a strong partner for measuring tasks and services.

Technical facility management is about creating an indoor climate that guarantees a healthy working atmosphere and optimum production quality. However, the energy consumption and operating costs of buildings need to be kept as low as possible. Digital measuring instruments and sensors help to check the air quality and optimize ventilation systems, adjust heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems efficiently and maintain electrical installations. These are the tasks of your service engineers, who often work in a wide variety of buildings using different measuring instruments.

One of the key tasks of the head of technical facility management is to maintain an overview of the staff, measuring technology and measurement data and to minimize the amount of work and material required. Efficient facility management with a strong partner for measuring tasks and services. Testo is a strong partner to have by your side, who will provide you with all the measuring equipment that you need to carry out all your facility management tasks. However, you also obtain a tailored service to make your work easier, more accurate and faster, and actively help you to optimize your field service processes. Not only are the measuring instruments easy and intuitive to operate thanks to user- specific apps and menus, but the documentation process is also considerably easier thanks to digital recording. For better, more efficient facility management.

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The challenge.

Not only do facility management companies often employ dozens or even hundreds of service engineers. For the many different measuring tasks involved in facility management, numerous instruments are also required, and these are purchased from a wide range of manufacturers. When it comes to managing the test equipment, the procurement, maintenance and calibration of the technical instruments entails a huge amount of organization. The many different operating and software concepts also make it difficult for service engineers to handle the instruments. The measurement applications therefore take longer. Inexperienced or less qualified employees are not capable of interpreting the readings correctly or of taking the requisite measures. Moreover, measuring instruments are often not available at all because they have just been sent in for calibration, or the recorded data is stored on different platforms and needs to be merged, which is a laborious procedure. The required documentation takes a lot of time and entails avoidable costs.

The solution.

Testo measuring instruments

Testo offers you a tailor-made complete package for technical facility management – digital measuring instruments, innovative software and application-specific apps for the documentation and digital storage of recorded data.

You no longer need to spend a lot of time selecting and purchasing measuring instruments from different manufacturers. At Testo, you can get a wide range of instruments which no other measurement technology manufacturer can offer you, all from one provider. We offer reliable, digital measuring instruments for the optimization of ventilation systems, for checking ventilation and heating systems, for the efficient adjustment of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, for the maintenance of electrical installations, for the accurate detection of thermal bridges and weak spots in buildings and also for the reliable identification of the causes of mould.

Since Testo measuring instruments can cover multiple application areas, the service engineer can work more efficiently because not only do the instruments have an app connection, they also feature similar intuitive operation. This reduces the time needed to train new employees and also reduces the error rate. Since lots of instruments have wireless sensors, the readings can be ascertained easily and reliably. The measurement results can be determined quickly and easily and sent directly to the customer or the head office in the form of reports, including digital images and commentary. This saves a lot of time working on site: With Testo's measurement solutions, a measurement job that previously took over an hour can be completed in less than 45 minutes.

You can also completely rely on Testo when it comes to managing your test equipment. Testo uses PRIMAS, an integral test equipment management system, to handle the calibration of your technology, documentation management, deadline monitoring of calibration and maintenance due dates as well as logistics and organization. Customized scheduling of returns when engineers are on holidays and 24-hour replacement deliveries in the event of unforeseen repairs increase the availability of the equipment to almost 100 %.


Application example

The advantages at a glance.

  • “One-Stop Partner”: all the measuring technology you need for all your facility management tasks, from just one provider
  • Greater efficiency when managing test and measuring equipment
  • Save time and money: faster measurement applications and digital measurement data documentation
  • Reliable compliance with the ISO-9001 standard thanks to digital recording and traceability of all processes