Reinforcements for those who work in maintenance and facility management

In maintenance and facility management, your day-to-day work can make all the difference between experiencing a successful day with attained production targets or painful losses due to unplanned downtime.

We think you deserve a helping hand. Reinforcements in the form of an instrument that sees everything of importance in your job, and can even do the work for you thanks to its practical functions.

testo 883 experiences

I work in maintenance, looking after 176 switching cabinets whose thermal images all look alike. Assigning the images correctly is a nightmare.

Video: Preventive maintenance with the testo 883

The best image quality combined with automatic thermal image management

With the testo 883 thermal imager, there’s no risk of any thermal irregularities going unnoticed during your work in electrical and mechanical maintenance. Thanks to the testo SiteRecognition technology, the thermal imager also stores the measuring location that the thermal image belongs to directly in the image itself.

The testo 883 thermal imager features an impressive infrared resolution of 320 x 240 pixels – which can even be expanded to 640 x 480 pixels with the built-in testo SuperResolution technology.

In addition, you always have full control over the thermal image thanks to the manual focus.

The testo SiteRecognition technology guarantees fully automatic site recognition, as well as storage and management of the thermal images. This rules out any mix-ups, prevents errors during evaluation and saves time by eliminating the need for manual image assignment.

Applications in electrical maintenance

  • Inspection of switching cabinets, electrical connections, photovoltaic systems
  • Evaluate heating states in low, medium and high-voltage installations

Applications in mechanical maintenance

  • Inspection of motors, bearings and shafts
  • Detect wear and tear on machinery

Further advantages of the testo 883 thermal imager

testo IRSoft professional software

In addition to measuring location management (testo SiteRecognition), the testo IRSoft software also enables you to comprehensively analyze, process and document thermal images.

testo Thermography App – Be smart and networked

Use the testo Thermography App to quickly analyze thermal images on site or share them with colleagues and managers.

Testo clamp meter

Connect to a clamp meter

Integrate readings from the testo 770-3 clamp meter into the thermal image and thus document the load status of the system.

Operating the testo 883

Intuitive operation

With touch display and Testo joystick.
Testo telephoto lens

Interchangeable telephoto lens

For high-precision thermography of distant objects.