CFR data logger for process validation and qualification

The challenge: Validating sterilization, freeze-drying, cleaning and disinfection processes

The validation of sterilization and freeze-drying processes as well as of cleaning and disinfecting equipment including the standard-compliant verification of successful process parameters in accordance with DIN EN ISO 285, DIN EN ISO 17665, DIN EN 13060, DIN EN ISO 15883 is legally required and forms a key element of quality assurance. However, this is only possible if the data loggers are positioned correctly during validation and the reproducibility of the measurement is guaranteed.

In order to ensure that operating procedures run seamlessly, the handling of the loggers, the validation process and the documentation must all proceed as efficiently and smoothly as possible. The same applies to calculation of the lethality, the holding phase and saturated steam conditions.

The testo 190 all-in-one solution supports you with innovative data loggers, intuitive software and practical accessories to meet these challenges. So you can always rest assured that the qualification and validation of sterilization, disinfection and freeze-drying processes will be carried out in an extremely efficient manner, in compliance with the standards.

How can the testo 190 CFR data logger system help you specifically?

The solution: The testo 190 CFR data logger system

Autoclave qualification
Successful series of tests with more than 1,500 operating hours in an autoclave demonstrate the exceptional resilience of the testo 190 data loggers.

Even under the most extreme conditions, the testo 190 data loggers reliably deliver accurate results.
With two battery types of different sizes, five loggers, and a variety of accessories, the testo 190 is ready to carry out any application, whatever your on-site conditions are like.
You can use testo 190 to prepare, carry out and follow up validation and qualification processes exceptionally quickly.
We focused on making both the data loggers and the CFR-compliant software (data visualization and reporting) simple and intuitive to use. This was the only way to ensure that the testo 190 CFR data logger system is able to optimally support you in your work.

The testo 190 system components: Data logger, multifunction case, CFR software and services

  • Safe, reliable measurements:<br> The data loggers
    • Safe, reliable measurements:
      The data loggers
  • Robust: Tested for reliable operation from -50 to +140 °C during more than 1,500 operating hours
  • Simple: Battery replacement that is tool-free, safe and intuitive

  • Protected: Electronics in glass-metal bushing impervious to water
  • Easy to set up and read out:  <br />The multifunction case
    • Easy to set up and read out:
      The multifunction case
  • Secure: Loggers transported in the built-in readout unit

  • Fast: Program and read out up to 8 data loggers in parallel

  • Error-free: Stable readout and programming
  • Intuitive to operate:<br> The CFR software
    • Intuitive to operate:
      The CFR software
  • Guided: Preset, intuitive processes

  • Uncomplicated: Simple calculation of holding phase, lethality and saturated steam
  • Complete: Fast and comprehensive report generation
  • Support for work activities: <br>The services
    • Support for work activities:
      The services
  • Complete: Carrying out of validations & qualifications (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ)

  • Verified: Accredited calibrations – also on site

  • Face-to-face: Sterilization workshops led by our experts

Application example:

Application example: Freeze-drying
How the validation of freeze-drying processes with testo 190 works.

Application example:

Application example: Sterilization
From the field: Using the testo 190 data logger in sterilization processes.

How can the testo 190 CFR data logger system
help you specifically?