Temperature loggers: Simultaneous recording of multiple temperatures

In many areas, temperatures need to be measured frequently or even permanently monitored. In certain applications, it is not only necessary to measure the air temperature at one point, but also to record multiple values simultaneously. This is the case, for example, in refrigerated rooms, where measurements are carried out at two different points. Or in refrigerated vehicles, where air and product temperatures are measured. The testo 176 T2 temperature logger has been designed precisely for this purpose, and can measure the temperature at different points using its two external probes. The testo model 176 T2 works for up to eight years with one set of batteries and is virtually maintenance-free to operate. At the same time, the instrument records and stores up to two million items of data.

Advantages of Testo's modern temperature loggers include:

  • Simultaneous recording and storage of temperatures from different locations
  • Provision of data via USB or SD card
  • Data can be analyzed with associated software

Products for temperature monitoring

Temperature data loggers

Data logger for monitoring temperature
Temperature data loggers for monitoring temperature.

With connectable probes

Temperature data loggers with connectable probes
Temperature data loggers with probe connections for individual requirements.

Transport logger

USB data logger for temperature
USB data logger for monitoring temperature during the transport.

Wifi data logger

Wifi data loggers for temperature
Wifi data loggers for flexible monitoring of temperature by wireless LAN.

High temperature data logger

High temperature data logger
Data logger for validation of sterilization, pasteurization, freeze-drying, cleaning and disinfection.

Temperature data loggers

With connectable probes

Transport logger

Wifi data logger

High temperature data logger

Applications for your new temperature logger

Temperature monitoring

Restaurants and catering

Pharmacies and hospitals



Temperature data loggers: Designed for many applications

Temperature loggers are used wherever it is important to store temperature data, with this data often having to be recorded and stored over a very long period of time. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to measure the temperature at different points simultaneously. The data logger performs this task reliably and safely, and can even be used under extreme conditions, and work very accurately under those conditions. Precise temperature sensors record the readings, which are converted into temperature values and stored in the logger. Thanks to its robust housing, the temperature data logger is well suited to applications where high mechanical loads may be present.

Typical areas of application are:

  • Temperature monitoring in cold stores
  • Monitoring temperatures in the food industry
  • Monitoring transport temperatures
  • Monitoring temperatures in storage areas
Of course, it’s not just the recording of temperature data and the associated long-term monitoring of the data that is relevant. These are also documented, which in turn enables the user to retroactively document compliance with the cold chain or the required temperatures in the respective area, even over an extended period of time. Data loggers for temperature are installed especially in cold stores and warehouses, wherever there are critical points for a change in temperature. They can be found on windows and doors and monitor the temperature status there. Because it is precisely at these points that a change quickly occurs. If critical changes occur, countermeasures can be initiated immediately.

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Temperature loggers: Improve product quality with them

What seems paradoxical at first glance has proved to be true in practice: Temperature loggers can actually help to improve the quality of products. The reason for this is maintenance of the cold chain or a constant storage temperature. If the data logger measures the temperature at regular intervals, deviations are detected immediately and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated. Without these modern aides, deviations are often only detected when it’s far too late and it turns out that the storage temperatures were not product-friendly. In some cases, even spoiled food can be traced back to a cold chain that has not been maintained. A problem that can be prevented in many cases with the temperature logger.

Finding Testo data loggers online

Testo temperature loggers: All aspects of temperature monitoring

To effectively monitor and document temperatures, you need more than just a thermometer that is read on a regular basis. The error rate is too high, the sources of error are too numerous. The temperature logger solves these issues, measuring the temperatures regularly and at different points. Readout errors and evaluation errors are thus kept to a minimum or no longer occur. The Testo family includes the following temperature loggers:

  • testo 184 T2 for monitoring transport
  • testo 174 H for simultaneous temperature and humidity measurement
  • testo 174 T for continuous monitoring of storage temperatures
  • testo 176 T4 for simultaneous measurement at four locations

This list is only a small selection of Testo's data loggers that are available for recording, monitoring and evaluating temperatures. They differ in terms of the number of simultaneous measurements they can carry out, among other things.

USB data loggers: Data transport made easy

Just as easily as the temperature loggers, these can collect and store measurement data, which can also be evaluated. Transmission via USB or in some instances via SD card (depending on the model) is necessary for the evaluation. There are different software programs available for the PC, which help with the analysis of the data and can be used with a different scope of services.

USB temperature loggers: Optional accessories

The USB cable required for the temperature logger is not included in the delivery and can be purchased as an optional accessory. Evaluation of the measurement data can be carried out on the computer, and the temperature logger can be programmed from the PC. These three software packages can be used for this:

  • ComSoft Basic: free of charge and suitable for simple data analysis
  • ComSoft Professional: to purchase in addition, for detailed analysis of the data
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11: to purchase in addition, a validatable software for special evaluations in the pharmaceutical sector
USB data logger for temperature