Your new infrared camera from Testo: Versatile, robust and cheaper than you’d expect

An infrared camera is a tool like no other. Because it makes the invisible visible and opens up completely new perspectives for you. And in countless applications too – infrared thermography is used with great success in these areas:

  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance: Detect critical temperature changes during operation and prevent system failures
  • Energy consulting: Detect thermal weaknesses in a building (cold bridges) in order to initiate targeted optimizations.
  • Heating engineering: How bad is the silting of a radiator and where is the underfloor heating leaking? Find out with a Testo infrared camera.
  • Research and development: Monitor and document temperature curves.

What Testo infrared cameras offer you

  • Brand quality Made in Germany
  • Developed together with our customers
  • The best value for money in its class

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Buying an infrared camera – first tips

  • Infrared resolution: At least 160 x 120 pixels. 
  • Thermal sensitivity: less than 120 mK, then you will see temperature differences of 0.12 °C.
  • Software for reporting: For professional documentation
  • Operation: As simple and intuitive as possible

Infrared cameras for thermography

For fast checks

Infrared camera
  • Indispensable for building contractors, heating engineers and facility management
  • Detect thermal details from a comfortable distance
  • With lots of helpful measuring functions

Versatile all-round instruments

  • Detect even the smallest temperature differences
  • Practical functions for the thermography of large systems or lots of similar objects
  • Interchangeable lenses for different measurement tasks

High-end thermal imagers

Infrared thermography
  • Thermal images in highest resolution – in megapixel-quality
  • Optimized for the smallest thermal details
  • Record temperature developments in video format

Infrared thermography applications

Infrared thermography – it depends on the resolution

Testo infrared camera

Real thermography starts at 160 x 120 pixels

Not all thermal images are the same. If you are using a thermal imager to detect leaks, thermal bridges, mould or overheated components, the details really count. They only become visible from a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels. Because every pixel is a measuring point: The higher the resolution, the more accurately you measure. And when you measure more accurately, you detect irregularities earlier, in to order to avoid greater damage for your customer.

Higher resolution – more efficient work

In professionally conducted thermography, the distance to the measuring instrument is crucial. However, it is not always possible to approach the measurement object very closely. At a comfortable distance to the measurement object, thermal imagers with a low resolution either provide too little detail, or falsify the measurement value by including the adjacent parts of the measurement object in the calculation. Only from a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels can real thermography be spoken of, because then you still produce meaningful thermal images even at greater distances. Every thermal imager from Testo also has the testo SuperResolution function: this increases the resolution from 160 x 120 pixels to 320 x 240 pixels.

The testo SuperResolution technology

This innovation from Testo puts your infrared camera's thermal images into a class of its own! The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious: the testo SuperResolution technology uses the natural movements of the hand when taking thermal images, and takes several slightly offset images of the same measurement object. From this image information, a Testo infrared camera then generates a thermal image improved by a factor of 1.6, with four times more measuring values.

testo IRSoft

The analysis software for your Testo infrared camera

In many thermography applications, taking thermal images is just not enough. Meaningful documentation is also increasingly necessary. Especially if you offer thermography as a service, for example. After all, your customers also want to know what they are paying for and what exactly the use of a thermal imager has achieved. That's why the professional thermography software testo IRSoft is included with every Testo infrared camera. And this is what the software offers you:

  • Subsequent correction of emissivities
  • Highlighting limit value violations
  • Set any number of measuring points and comment on thermal images
  • Superimposed display of real image and thermal image (testo TwinPix, on Testo cameras with built-in digital camera)
  • Create informative reports – easy to do with the built-in report wizard
PC analysis software testo IRSoft

Are you looking to purchase an infrared camera? Pay attention to the measuring functions!

As simple and intuitive as thermal imaging cameras from Testo are to use, the visual representation of temperatures is essentially a complex matter. And without supporting measurement functions, it can be very difficult to extract the valuable information sought from thermal images. This is the only way to turn 'colourful images' into profound narratives. Which is why our engineers did their very best to develop these functions for you:
Humidity image: Mould prevention
See the risk of mould directly in the thermal image.  more...
testo SiteRecognition: Efficient inspection routes
Particularly practical for preventive maintenance.   more...
Process analysis package: Detect temperature developments
Full radiometric video measurement and sequence capturing directly in the thermal imager.  more...
Panorama image assistant: Easier analysis of large objects
An overall view which is easy to examine created from a number of individual images of a large measurement object.   more...
testo Thermography App: Smart, networked work
Your smartphone/tablet becomes a remote control, second display and report centre.   more...
testo ScaleAssist: Prevents incorrect interpretations
Automatic scaling for comparable thermal images.   more...

testo ε-Assist: Even more precise thermal images
Emissivity and reflected temperature are automatically set.  more...
Connectivity: External measuring values in the thermal image
From humidity measuring instruments and current probes.   more...
testo FeverDetection: Disease prevention
Identify persons with increased body temperature quickly and easily.  more...
IFOV warner: Always the right distance
IFOV warner: Always the right distance
Shows from what distance each object can be correctly measured.