Bluetooth thermometers: Small measuring instruments for a wide variety of tasks

The feel of a temperature is always a subjective thing, and cannot be determined to an exact degree. Without thermometers, it is therefore impossible to accurately determine whether certain limit values are being adhered to or whether they have been exceeded already. In many places, it is not possible to regularly read a thermometer. Bluetooth thermometers are ideal for these applications, since they collect the necessary data and send it to the smartphone. Thanks to an app for Bluetooth thermometers, it is possible to evaluate the data on it. Furthermore, long-term comparisons and analyses can be derived.

Bluetooth thermometers are used in the following areas, among others:

  • Transportation of foodstuffs: Monitoring the cold chain
  • Deliveries of refrigerated products: Measuring the incoming goods temperature
  • Food storage: Temperature monitoring for storage on counters or refrigerated rooms
  • Measuring the temperature of chemical solutions

For smart temperature measurement

testo 115i – clamp thermometer operated by smartphone

testo 115i – clamp thermometer operated by smartphone

For servicing air conditioning and refrigeration systems and measuring flow and return temperatures.

Smartphone thermometer

testo 915i – thermometer operated by

Measures ambient temperatures and temperatures in ducts and at air outlets.

Infrared thermometer operated with your smartphone

testo 805i – infrared thermometer operated by smartphone

For the non-contact measurement of wall, fuse and component temperatures of air conditioning systems.

For smart humidity and flow velocity measurement

testo 605i – thermohygrometer operated by smartphone

testo 605i

For the measurement of air temperature and humidity in rooms and ducts.

testo 405i – thermal anemometer operated by smartphone

testo 405i – thermal anemometer operated by smartphone

For the measurement of air flow velocities, temperatures and volume flows in ventilation ducts.

testo 410i – vane anemometer operated by smartphone

testo 410i – vane anemometer operated by smartphone

For air flow velocities, temperatures and volume flows at air outlets.

For smart pressure measurement

testo 510i – differential pressure measuring instrument operated by smartphone

testo 510i – differential pressure measuring instrument operated by smartphone

Measures differential pressure, air flow velocity and volume flow.

testo 549i – high-pressure measuring instrument operated by smartphone

testo 549i
For servicing and troubleshooting air conditioning and refrigeration systems, but also for use in their installation.

Smartphone thermometers: Modern temperature measurement via app

Painstakingly copying out the values measured using a thermometer is now a thing of the past. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, these days users have access to the Bluetooth thermometer, which is used in conjunction with the smartphone. This new instrument is ideal for measuring temperatures in ducts or other outlets through which air flows. Ambient temperatures can also be measured with the smartphone thermometer. The modern measuring technology of the Bluetooth thermometers is characterized by the highest accuracy, plus the possibility of transmission to the smartphone. Not only does Testo’s app for Bluetooth thermometers read the measured values, it also evaluates them.

It is helpful to be able to display the values of the Bluetooth thermometers in table format or optionally in a diagram. Changes of a short, medium and long-term nature are therefore visible immediately. Users can also utilize the report function, which can then convert these into an Excel or PDF file. Therefore it is also possible to transmit the data of Bluetooth thermometers very easily. It is important that the required system requirements are met: Android 6 or iOS 10 are required. Bluetooth 4.0 format must also be supported.

The advantages of smartphone Bluetooth thermometers are obvious:

  • Independent measurements
  • Rapid transfer of data
  • Direct visibility of changes
  • Easy creation of logs, reports and evaluations

Bluetooth measuring instruments: Bluetooth thermometers and more

Testo offers a variety of Bluetooth measuring instruments for every application in industry, trade and commerce. In addition to measuring the temperature with the support of the smartphone, modern moisture meters measure the humidity in rooms and gases as well as gas mixtures. The humidity can be determined directly via the measuring instrument, which in turn sends its data, like the Bluetooth thermometer, to the tablet or to the phone on which the associated app has been installed. The instruments set the new standard, and have long since replaced infrared as a wireless variant. All these instruments reflect the above-mentioned advantages of Bluetooth thermometers and the use of an app: Evaluation of the measured data of the Bluetooth thermometers is a breeze. This data can be included in further evaluations or sent to other employees and project participants.

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Bluetooth thermometer

Bluetooth Smart Probes

Smart Probes sets the new standard when it comes to temperature and humidity measurement. The readings are collected via the Bluetooth thermometer and the data is then transmitted to the smartphone. There, in turn, the app for the Bluetooth thermometer is installed, making it possible to display and evaluate the readings independent of the measuring location. Measurement protocols can be created, and photos and comments can also be added. So tradespeople and technicians can be more mobile than ever before, and operate the compact measuring instruments quite easily using their own phone or tablet. The app for Bluetooth thermometers and other measuring instruments can be used free of charge, ensuring that all the results and reports are available at any time and place. You can also send the data by e-mail, enabling multiple users to share access to the data.

iPhone thermometers: Mobile recording of temperatures

iPhone Thermometer

The testo Smart app is available for Android and iOS. The practical measurement menus turn the smartphone or tablet into a mobile measurement centre and make your work much more efficient. In addition, different readings can be displayed simultaneously, and changes in the readings are immediately visible. Advantages of Bluetooth thermometers for the smartphone or tablet include:

  • Display of up to six Smart Probes
  • Measuring values can be read from a distance
  • Automatic calculation of various parameters
  • Image documentation and insertion of comments possible
  • Pre-installed menus available

iPhone hygrometers: Measure humidity with smartphones

A Bluetooth thermometer is an equally useful humidity measuring instrument that takes advantage of the smartphone's intelligent usability. The thermohygrometer is a good example of the innovative products that Testo offers to businesses who aim to work as efficiently as possible. This is used to measure the humidity in rooms, while the Bluetooth thermometer can also supply key temperature data at the same time. These measuring instruments can also be used in ducts and air locks. They automatically calculate the dew point and wet bulb temperature. The measuring ranges are between 0 and 100 %RH and between -20 and +60 °C respectively.