Power generation and power distribution

It is in the best interest of power stations and utility companies to ensure that no interruptions occur, from the energy generation process through to distribution. Testo thermal imagers maintain the integrity of electrical and mechanical components as part of this preventive maintenance. Non-destructive thermographic testing can reduce costly system malfunctions or downtimes.

It is absolutely essential to prevent energy distribution systems from malfunctioning due to the far-reaching consequences. Faulty connections on high-voltage masts can be particularly critical here.
With thermal imagers, you can check out temperature increases non-contact and from a safe distance: without putting yourself at risk and without having to switch off the high-voltage system.

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Power generation

Maintenance of mechanical components

Power generation
Thermal image power generation

Heat generation in mechanical components in energy-generating plants may indicate an elevated level of stress. This is caused, for example, by friction, faulty alignment, component tolerances or a lack of lubricant.

The main advantage of infrared measurement: it is non-contact and can therefore be carried out during operation and from a safe distance.

Maintenance of electrical installations

Electrical installation
Thermal image electrical

Testo thermal imagers facilitate evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high-voltage systems. Thermal images lead to the early detection of defective components or connections, so that the required preventive measures can be introduced in a targeted fashion.

This minimises dangerous fire risks and avoids costly production downtimes for energy producers.

Power distribution systems

Thermographic inspection – for trouble-free operation

Thermal image power distribution system
Thermal image power distribution system

Energy distributor malfunctions or failures can pose a serious risk to the security of supply. Signs of wear, material fatigue or cable breakages on the high-voltage lines are often the cause. These are often preceded by temperature increases due to increased resistance.

With the early detection of these anomalies using thermography, damage to components and the threat of power failures in high-voltage systems can be prevented simply and efficiently. Energy distribution is therefore guaranteed on a permanent basis.

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Thermography for the highest demands.

Application example high-voltage

Testing high-voltage plants with thermal imagers from Testo.

Application example distant objects

Thermography of distant objects.

Keeping limit values safely in view

Hotspot function
The hotspot function immediately displays the hottest spot in the image. In addition, points that exceed defined limits can be highlighted in colour using the alarm function.