Climate monitoring in hospital

It is essential to store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and units of blood at the right temperatures in order to ensure that they remain effective and that hygiene is maintained. Ambient conditions play a key role in hospitals – not only in cleanrooms and operating theatres, but also in waiting rooms, patient rooms and in the canteen.

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testo Saveris – your all-in-one solution for climate monitoring

  • Safe: in the event of critical climate data, you will receive alerts via e-mail, SMS or directly on site
  • Reliable: automated, uninterrupted recording rather than manual documentation work
  • Compliant: in audits, provide conclusive evidence that FDA requirements are complied with
  • Validatable: testo Saveris software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Flexible: you can extend testo Saveris at any time – to accommodate any number of measuring points and measurement parameters
  • From one provider: consultation, installation, commissioning, configuration, calibration, mapping/distribution measurement and validation of the system


  • Maintain optimum storage conditions for pharmaceuticals
  • Continuous refrigerator monitoring: Alerts when limit values are violated (via SMS, e-mail, light signal)

Blood banks

  • Accurately monitor prescribed temperatures for storing units of blood and plasma
  • Alerts in the event of malfunctions in refrigerators and freezers


  • Provide automated documentation of ambient conditions in laboratories
  • Ensure the comparability of research and measurement results

Hospital – indoor climate

  • Precisely control critical climatic conditions in cleanrooms, operating theatres and intensive care units
  • Create a pleasant ambient temperature in other rooms

Hospital – canteen

  • Alerts in the event of temperature fluctuations in refrigerators and freezers
  • Document temperature when transporting food
  • Comply with HACCP regulations

Our complete service

Get everything from one provider: We offer you advice, carry out the installation, commissioning and configuration. Apart from this, we also look after the mapping, distribution measurement, calibration and validation.

One system – all possibilities

testo Saveris is comprised of different components:

  • Data loggers record the measurement values at the measuring location (wide selection, also with external probes)
  • The testo Saveris Base processes the measurement data
  • You access the measurement data with your PC

We would be happy to offer you advice when putting together components for applications in medical environments.