VAC grid measurement with the multi-function measuring instrument testo 480

Integrated menu guide for measurements according to EN 12599.

The testo 480 helps you to adjust VAC systems norm-compliantly according to EN 12599. It guides you through the grid measurement step by step, thus reliably avoiding false measurements.

  • Exact presentation of all necessary measurement locations
  • Exact info on insertion depth of the probe in the duct
  • Display of procedure of timed/multi-point measurements
  • Marking of measurement points already measured
  • Automatic calculation of volume flow

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Suitable probes for the VAC grid measurement

Probes for medium flow velocities

Vane probes for medium flow velocities.

Probes for high flow velocities

Pitot tubes for high flow velocities and extremely contaminated flows.

More probe recommendations

High-temperature vane

For hot process air and industrial ventilation systems

Measures up to 140 °C and 50 m/s.
Pitot tube for high operating temperatures

For higher flow velocities and dusty process air

Measures up to +600 °C and 30 m/s.
Other probes for the testo 480

More probes

Other probes for versatile measurements with the testo 480.