Occurrence and use of CO2

CO2 in the air we breathe

Fresh air has a concentration of around 400 ppm of CO2 (measured in 2015 - highest value for approx. 15-20 million years). The concentration of the gas depends on:

  • time of day and season of the year
  • region

CO2 occurrence in the earth's various layers

  • atmosphere
  • hydrosphere (water)
  • lithosphere (earth's crust and mantle)
  • biosphere (living environment 60 km above and 5 km below the earth's surface)

The visualization of CO2

The concentration in the air is normally given in

  • ppm (parts per million)
  • vol.% (1,000 ppm corresponds to 0.1%)

The importance of air quality for humans

The CO2 concentration in indoor areas is deemed to be an essential indicator of suitable air quality.

Carbon dioxide is a gas that is poisonous for humans and, depending on the concentration in the air, affects their performance, their well-being and their ability to concentrate.

Even when there is a CO2 concentration as low as 1,000 ppm, most people feel the air is not good and the above-mentioned disorders occur.

Universal IAQ instrument testo 400

The use of CO2

Do you like drinking sparkling mineral water?
Then you may be interested to know that CO2 does not just represent a threat. It is widely used in food, technical and other sectors.