Testo Calibration

What is Testo Calibration

Calibration involves a comparison of readings between the instrument being calibrated and the reference instrument (also called reference standard) in specific conditions. 

Other important aspects of calibration include documenting any deviation recorded, calculating and recording the resulting measurement uncertainty, adjusting the results to comply with the reference where possible and creating the calibration certificate. 

The Testo calibration lab has state of the art reference equipment and technology to ensure we complete your calibration within five business days. 
Additionally, we have an automated system that registers your instrument history and sends you a reminder email when your instrument is due for its next calibration. 

As we store your calibration certificates on our secure server we can always send you a replacement copy. If you require your instrument to be calibrated to a special standard (NATA) please contact our service department.

We also offer on-site service and calibration to all our customers based in Victoria, please contact our service department for more information 

All our calibration experts are specially trained on our range of Testo instruments and are available to answer your questions.



Parameters Testo Calibrate


We can conduct immersion, infrared and air temperature calibrations on our full range of Testo temperature instruments from data loggers with both internal and external sensors, immersion/penetration probes and infrared non-contact measuring instruments all the way to highly accurate Pt100 sensors. We have state of the art equipment that is capable of generating controlled temperatures from -20 to +650 degrees Celsius. This is suitable for calibrating measuring equipment used at the negative temperature range for freezers, mid temperature range for fridges and ambient monitors all the way to high temperature sensors in ovens and other devices.


Our Testo calibration experts use a specialized highly accurate Testo Humidity chamber to generate a spatially uniform controlled Humidity between 5%rH and 95%rH and Temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius to calibrate and test your Testo equipment. Intensive testing is conducted as part of the calibration for up to 4 hours and adjustments can be made on your Testo Humidity instrument in conjunction with our Testo proprietary software.


There are different kinds of pressure calibrations that our knowledgeable Testo calibration experts conduct. These consist of high pressure calibrations for refrigeration equipment up to 40 bar down to the lower range specialized calibrations from 0 to 200mbar. Our Testo calibration experts use a combination of high accuracy Testo pressure reference instruments, pressure generators and pressurized gases to conduct these calibrations.


Our Testo laboratory houses a wind tunnel with an inbuilt controllable velocity generator. Using this, our Testo Calibration Experts are able to conduct calibrations on all our Testo velocity instruments at fixed points of 2.5, 5.0 and 10.0 m/s. Readings are taken multiple times over a fixed period to test both the accuracy and reproducibility of results. Our Testo calibration experts then use a specialized automatic calculator which takes into account various external environmental factors that affect the airflow and adjusts the recorded results accordingly.


Our Testo calibration experts have invented a variable luminosity chamber that can be used along with our proprietary software to calibrate all of our Testo Lux meters. Test instruments are placed inside the chamber at a unique location to allow light to be directed onto the sensor with minimum reflections.


Sound calibrations are conducted using a Testo Sound Calibrator. This can be used with both half and one inch microphones to test instruments at 94dB and 114dB. Our Testo calibration experts can adjust your Testo sound level meter to meet the specified accuracy.

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