Strobe – take advantage of an optical illusion

A strobe is an instrument which emits bright flashes of light at regular time intervals. The human eye quickly gets used to the sequence of bright flashes in a dark environment. Accordingly, it only perceives the illuminated moments. If this occurs in combination with a moving object, only individual images of the latter appear – always when the light flash is emitted.

The LED stroboscope is above all regularly used in the industrial environment. A high-quality LED stroboscope is capable of impressing in many ways:

  • Adjustable sequence of light flashes
  • Easy use
  • Mobile options - handheld stroboscope

Available versions

LED stroboscope

Xenon stroboscope

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Other models are worth considering, depending on the specific field of application. A number of factors differentiate them, such as the type of light source, usage and size.

You cannot manage without mobile instruments when it comes to machine maintenance. Stationary versions are primarily to be found in laboratories and in association with trial set-ups. An important difference in terms of the various types of handheld stroboscope is the light source. The brighter the light and the faster the possible flash sequence, the more accurate the measurement results.

Testo offers you a selection of instruments. This makes it possible to find a strobe that is right for your specific field of application.

Handheld stroboscope

Xenon stroboscope from Testo

The testo 476 is a xenon stroboscope. It is also used in speed measurement and in other measurement areas. The high light intensity handheld stroboscope tests both rotational and vibratory movements. Even objects in difficult-to-access locations can be accurately measured with the testo 476. It is not necessary to interrupt the production process for the measurements. This makes the xenon stroboscope an efficient measuring instrument. The simple design also enables it to be used without any training. In addition to the transport case, the scope of delivery also includes the charger, four country-specific adapters and a trigger signal connector.

Choosing Testo means you have a reliable partner who understands the high demands of your sector. We will provide you with an appropriate strobe. Whether you are looking for an LED stroboscope or a xenon stroboscope and the appropriate accessories, we will be at your side. If you have any questions about what we have on offer, please do not hesitate to contact our well-trained staff.

LED stroboscope: high luminous intensity and large measuring range

Speed measurement with strobe

The testo 477 is an LED stroboscope. It ensures a very high measuring range with up to 300,000 flashes per minute. Furthermore, the instrument works with a luminous intensity of up to 4,800 lux. Thanks to a long battery life of up to five hours, it is also suitable for long working days and a large number of measurements in one go.

It is not necessary to work with reflective markers to record the correct measurement data with the testo 477. This also makes it possible to test very small parts and to work in difficult-to-access places.

The first-class technical data of the testo 477 is impressive:

  • Protection class IP65
  • Individually adjustable flash duration
  • Bright LCD display
  • Flash colour approx. 6,500 K

Carry out precise measurements with a handheld stroboscope

Handheld stroboscope

In day-to-day work, it is important for a strobe to be flexible in terms of its use. A handheld stroboscope allows you to check machines and assemblies for their performance on site. In this respect, accurate speed measurement is required in several sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Textile industry
  • Vibratory conveying technology

Easy operation rounds off what a good handheld stroboscope has to offer. A display that is clear to read also makes it easier to use. Some models can be connected to external instruments as well, so as to ensure high-precision control. A handheld stroboscope is also particularly practical when it enables the required measurements without any marker being set up. It is then not necessary to stop the running machinery.

Speed measurement with a strobe

In industrial areas, a strobe is above all used for measuring the speed of rotating machines. The technology also serves to detect any possible faults and visualize them.

A marker is used to enable the speed of a machine to be determined. With the consistent movement, this repeatedly appears at the same time in the same place. If the marker's movement cadence is harmonized with the stroboscope's light flash, then this appears at the same time as each light flash. This has the effect of the perceived image always being the same. It is virtually as if the movement stops in the eyes of the observer.

The speed of the machine can be accurately determined using the information from the machine set-up, the marker point and the sequence of light flashes. Accordingly, it is also possible to determine whether the speed of a machine has changed.

This type of measurement is carried out using both mobile and stationary instruments. A mobile handheld stroboscope allows you to carry out flexible checking of machines and assemblies on site.


A strobe has to fulfil several criteria for use in the industrial environment:

  • Fast flash sequence for a high measuring range
  • Bright light source
  • Extremely short flash exposure

In addition, an instrument in mobile use must above all have a high rechargeable battery capacity in order to impress. The application requires a lot of power. Insufficient battery power significantly reduces the operating time.

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