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Testo assists you with mapping via expertise, measuring technology and documentation, e.g. in thermal sterilization or storage and transport. Service packages specifically adapted to meet your needs enable pragmatic implementation of your requirements.

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  • Determine air conditioning and temperature distribution in premises (e.g. warehouses) and sterilization procedures
  • Test load limits and stress situations
  • Verify and maintain controlled conditions


  • Qualification measurement, distribution study, mapping
  • Creation of risk analyses
  • Metrological implementation and documentation
  • Graphical analysis
  • Identification of the hottest and coldest spots
  • Evaluation of the routine monitoring positions

Reasons to choose us

  • Extensive range of measuring equipment
  • Years of experience and metrological expertise
  • Manpower and technical implementation also for major projects
  • Guarantees that measurements are carried out objectively and effectively
  • Needs-based solution for the challenges you face