Your new barbecue thermometer from Testo: Essential for your next BBQ

Nowadays, barbecuing involves more than just burning up a few fried sausages, neck steaks and the obligatory corn on the cob on a barbecue from the petrol station. Thankfully. After all, preparing high-quality food outside, on an open fire, is a special kind of experience. It’s not surprising that books and magazines on this subject fill entire metres of shelf space. And you can easily spend as much on a top-of-the-range brand-name barbecue as you do on a small car. 
However, you should always keep in mind that even with the best piece of meat on the most exclusive barbecue, the ultimate goal is to prepare a food safely, precisely and at the right temperature. 
And for this, you sometimes need the help of a barbecue thermometer or meat thermometer. Especially if you want to barbecue something other than sausages, neck steaks and corn on the cob.

Best seller: testo 104-IR

What Testo barbecue thermometers have to offer you

  • Testo has more than 60 years of experience in the development of temperature measuring technology
  • Barbecue thermometers that combine precision with ease of use
  • Robust thermometers for reliable applications

Barbecue and food thermometers from Testo

testo 106 penetration thermometer

  • Thermometer including waterproof protective case and retaining clip
  • A thermometer for barbecuing, ideal for core temperatures
  • Alarm in the event of limit value violations


testo 104-IR penetration thermometer

Thermometer for the barbecue
  • Combined infrared and penetration thermometer
  • The ultimate barbecue thermometer for core and surface temperatures
  • Exceptionally robust and washable

testo 103 penetration thermometer

Barbecue thermometer
  • Smallest folding thermometer in its class
  • Fits into any shirt or trouser pocket
  • An ideal thermometer for barbecuing, with simple and precise measuring technology

Mini penetration thermometer

  • For air temperature and core temperature
  • 133 mm probe up to 150 °C
  • Includes protective tube with retaining clip

The right thermometer for every temperature measurement

With a wide range of products for food safety monitoring, Testo thermometers and meat thermometers can help you ensure food safety efficiently. So you can always be sure of storing and processing fresh products safely. 
In addition to barbecue thermometers, Testo also offers roasting thermometers, data loggers, monitoring systems, cooking oil testers and pH measuring instruments.  Thus, you can always be sure of making the right decision with Testo – from farm to fork, for spot checks or long-term monitoring.

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The journey to the centre of the steak

Penetration thermometers, such as barbecue thermometers or roasting thermometers, measure right where it matters: in the middle of the food being barbecued. This is where we find the temperatures that provide information about how “done” the food on the barbecue is. And only by measuring the core temperature with a barbecue thermometer is it possible to rule out the eagerly awaited fillet being tough and well-done instead of tender and pink.

The measurement process itself is very simple: Switch on the thermometer, penetrate, wait until the reading has stabilized, and you’re done. The optimum core temperatures for different types of meat and degrees of cooking can be found either via a butcher that you trust or via the Internet. For a steak to be cooked medium rare, the core temperature is 55 °C, for example. For best results, get out the barbecue thermometer and verify it.

Measuring temperature with a penetration thermometer

One method has proved to be particularly effective for measuring the temperature of foods. Penetration measurement, as with a barbecue thermometer or roasting thermometer, combines safety at the barbecue with easy application, and is therefore used wherever professionals work with food and need quick, reliable results. Unlike surface thermometers, which only measure the temperature on the surface of an object, penetration thermometers go deeper. In the truest sense of the word.

Compact food knowledge

Food is a matter of trust. Thus, behind the scenes of producers, logistics companies, restaurants or supermarkets, countless people work to ensure that the food you buy and consume is truly safe.

To make it easier for you to handle food, we have made the "Pocket Guide to Food Safety" available for download. The Pocket Guide answers the most important questions in dealing with food and supports you with lots of valuable information, plus practical tips and tricks.

More food thermometers from Testo

In addition to the tried-and-tested penetration thermometers for measuring the core temperature of various foods, such as barbecued food, Testo also offers lots of other measuring instruments for measuring the temperature of food. Because a penetration measurement of the measurement object is not always needed. In many applications – e.g. for fast inspections at Incoming Goods – a measurement of the surface temperature is sufficient. Two methods are available for these applications: Contact measurement and infrared measurement. We will deal with both of these and the measuring technology associated with them in the following.

Surface temperature measuring instrument

Use a surface temperature measuring instrument from Testo to measure temperatures on a wide variety of surfaces. This will serve you well, not only when it comes to working with food, but also for many other applications. The special thing about the selected surface temperature measuring instruments from Testo are the interchangeable probes. So you are always optimally equipped – whatever happens.

Infrared thermometer

Non-contact measurement via infrared has really proven its worth, particularly when it comes to measuring the temperature of foods. The reasons are obvious: Infrared thermometers check food temperatures exceptionally quickly and efficiently. And if you use this measuring technology correctly and pay attention to a few points, it will become your trusty companion when measuring food temperatures. By the way: Testo also offers a combined infrared and penetration thermometer in the form of the testo 104, which can also be used as a roasting thermometer.

Meat thermometer

Did you know that a penetration or barbecue thermometer or roasting thermometer are also referred to as meat thermometers ? In terms of function, both instruments are identical: They measure the temperature in the meat via a penetration measurement.