District Chimney Sweep convinced of the flue gas analyzer testo 300

The customer’s opinion

"When I took over my predecessor’s district back then, I also took over his flue gas measuring instrument – the testo 330-2 LL. I was already very happy with that instrument incl. customer service, and when it needed to be replaced, my first choice was Testo again. This time the successor model, the testo 300.

I mainly use the instrument for BImSchV measurements including core flow search, as well as draught measurements. What I like best is the graphic presentation of the core flow and the measurement curve.

The testo 300 makes the same robust impression on me as the testo 330-2 LL already did. But with the new display, there’s a lot which is more user-friendly and easier to operate, which saves a lot of time. And it always reacts perfectly, even with dirty hands."

Maximilian Kretschmar,

Authorized District Chimney Sweep (Germany)

Maximilian Kretschmar with testo 300

Personal details

Maximilian Kretzschmar has been the Authorized District Chimney Sweep of the Governmental District Freiburg (Germany) since 2018. He carries out approx. 10 - 15 measurements on oil and gas heating systems of different type daily. These include not only normal CO measurements, but also measurements according to BImSchV (German Immission Protection legislation).