Refrigeration technology


Testo prides itself on supplying state-of-the-art devices to industries around Australia. This is especially true for our refrigeration instruments, which have been servicing the industry at all levels for many years. These products provide a comprehensive overview of all facets of refrigeration, from leak testing to HVAC system efficiency measurement. If you have a refrigeration problem, Testo has the instrument you need to put it right.

Did you know.

That most Universities and TAFE institutions use Testo refrigeration instruments to train / teach their students.

Refrigeration gauges

In the digital age, there's no reason to struggle with analogue technology. At Testo, we developed three digital refrigeration gauges for the modern technician.

  • Now with 60 refrigerant profiles and the added functionality of leak tests
  • Testo digital manifolds are versatile enough to be the tool for every job

Long-term measurement

World's longest battery life of up to 360 hours and large data memory

Charging refrigeration systems

Automatic and precise charging according to target value

Testing refrigeration systems

Quick check of overheat/subcooling

Vacuum gauges

The testo 552 Vacuum Gauge offers fast and accurate readings as to how effectively heat pumps and refrigeration systems are dehumidifying and removing foreign matter.

Electrical testing

Safe testing of all electrical parameters of equipment and components

Finding leaks

Testo's Refrigerant Leak Detectors are designed to give you great sensitivity, Super rugged construction and value priced browse your range to see why you should choose Testo.

Measuring temperature

Flexible temperature measurement of components and ambient air

testo Smart App – your job has never been so smart

Turn your smartphone into your control center: The testo Smart App conveniently connects with and controls the instruments for all refrigeration and air conditioning applications. This way you always have an overview, and your data exactly where you need it.

With the testo Smart App, you evaluate results even faster. And it helps you to avoid measurement errors, as stored measurement programs guide you step by step through the configuration and the measurement. You can also create customer data and measuring locations in no time at all.

Evaluate results even faster and create customer data with the testo Smart App