Flue gas analysis with Testo: professional and reliable.

Flue gases contain, among others CO2, CO, oxides or soot particles. These pollute the environment, have a negative effect on the climate and conceal numerous health risks for human beings. Flue gas analysis with professional flue gas analysers from Testo helps to make combustion processes more efficient, to optimise thermal processes, and above all, to reduce emissions.

  • Protection of the atmosphere thanks to as low a pollutant level as possible
  • The most efficient use of energy as possible
  • Adherence to prescribed pollutant levels per flue gas volume and energy loss

Overview of our flue gas analysers.

testo 310: for easy flue gas analysis.

Flue gas analyzer testo 310

The flue gas analyzer combines easy functions with measurement accuracy – perfect for all basic measurement on heating systems.

  • Easy to operate
  • Up to ten hours battery lifetime
  • Ideal for spontaneous measurements

testo 300: for professional flue gas analysis.

Flue gas analyzer testo 300

The testo 300 flue gas analyzer is ideal for the most important measurements involving heating systems. It combines decades of experience in measuring technology with contemporary smart-touch operation, robust construction and e-mailing of reports.

  • Smart-Touch technology
  • Direct dispatch of on-site reports
  • Reliable sensor technology and robust construction

testo 330i: the future of flue gas analysis.

Flue gas analyzer testo 330i

The flue gas analyser combines reliable measurement technology with a revolutionary handling by App – for smart measurement in today’s digital world.

  • Operation by smartphone or tablet
  • Dilution up to 30,000 ppm CO for reliable CO measurement on solid fuel systems
  • Create reports easily and send them by e-mail


PC software EasyHeat

EasyHeat software
  • Easy data management at a computer
  • Present measurement results and procedures as diagrams and tables

Measurement solutions for industrial emission and fine particle measurement.

Emission analyser testo 340

Emission analyzer testo 340
  • Measurement of CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO₂ or SO₂ possible
  • Operable at high gas concentrations thanks to measuring range extension

Emission analyser testo 350

Emission analyzer testo 350
  • High level of user-friendliness thanks to application-specific menu guide. 
  • Robust housing for industrial applications, large colour graphic display

Fine particle measuring instrument testo 380

Fine particle measuring instrument testo 380
  • Fine particle measurement, O₂ and CO parallel in real time 
  • Step-by-step program for measurements according to 1. BImSchV

Useful practical tips for flue gas analysis.

The testo 330i in practice.

This application video shows how you can service a gas blower burner with the testo 330i.