Gas Analysis

Testo has made a name as a business leader on the back of the outstanding instruments it provides to a wide variety of industries around Australia. Our gas analysers are proof of this, providing state-of-the-art solutions to many service, commissioning and third party auditing companies throughout Australia, in particular where diesel engines, boilers and high energy processes are involved.

We are also renown in the arena whereby the tuning and efficiency of heating systems both domestic and commercial and industrial boilers are a necessity. Some of the more common gases that can be emitted through these processes include carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. While they are considered to be normal emissions, it is possible for them to become dangerous if the wrong concentrations are released. This can signify that the equipment is not operating correctly, which is a danger to staff and the machinery itself, not to mention the significant additional costs.

Did you know: Testo is one of the leading manufacturers of gas analysers in the world. All Testo gas analysers is serviced and calibrated locally in our “state of the art” laboratories.

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