How the testo 350 helps Ektimo monitor Australian Emissions

Monitoring the gases produced in industrial processes is a vital part of ensuring future generations of Australians live in the same clean environment that we enjoy. Federal legislation limits the volume and type of gases enterprises can emit – but it’s down to industry-leading environmental companies to monitor this.

Ektimo's role in emissions monitoring

Ekitmo is a compilation of the environmental monitoring industry’s finest minds. A co-creation of three of the sector’s leading companies, EML Air, ETC and ECS, Ektimo’s focus is on how best practices can be disseminated to all environmental monitoring businesses.

”One of the biggest hindrances to our industry is competition. Once Ektimo got to be the market leader, we sat back and considered how we could return our knowledge to the sector at large, rather than using thought leadership against our competitors,” says CEO Matthew Heskin.

”It isn’t glamorous work, but it is important. If we weren’t around to ensure businesses follow the regulations set by the EPA [Environmental Protection Authority] and other groups, honesty in how these sectors work could be completely compromised,” Matthew says.

Part of Ektimo’s role is to monitor the types of gases emitted from industrial stacks.

The challenge Ektimo face

Matthew says a lot of the issues faced in environmental monitoring stems from businesses within his own industry, ”unfortunately our sector is just as competitive as others. Often contracts are not won due to best practice, or a commitment to a cleaner environment, but how cost-effective a business is.

” Additional challenges include using technology in remote locations with no mains charging and performing complex monitoring operations. This requires the best expertise to meet market expertise.

”An important part of our work is our equipment. Yes, the Ektimo team is experienced and has extensive expertise in emissions monitoring – but you need the right tools to do the job too.”

Leading the industry with superior technology

Part of leading any market is having effective relationships with fellow best-in-class enterprises – which explains Matthew’s near-twenty year professional association with Testo.

”We use Testo equipment in a lot of our operations nationwide. I don’t get out in the field much anymore, but I make sure our agents are equipped with quality equipment I would be happy to use.”

The testo 350 gas analysis system houses a number of testing devices in one unit.

The testo 350

The testo 350 emissions analysis system is the ultimate all-in-one unit for monitoring gases. ”It’s a great solution for us. It encompasses a number of separate field device applications, it provides real-time data connectable to other devices and its battery operation makes it a better option for work in remote locations,” says Matthew.

There are many other benefits to the testo 350 unit, including:

  • An increased measurement range for when gas concentrations are higher.
  • Easy-to-change gas sensors, allowing the user to select separate gauges for carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and other gases.
  • Automatic processing of measuring programs over a longer period, as well as data logging for future reference.

For more information on emissions monitoring equipment or to enquire about the testo 350, contact the team today.

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