Managing BITZER's brand with Testo refriegration instruments.

Building a brand name based on high-quality, reliable products is a key part of success in any industry. BITZER Australia’s reputation is based on the reliability of their refrigeration equipment, meaning every system that leaves their factory doors has to be faultless.

Ensuring quality from the top

For over 50 years BITZER Australia has been manufacturing racks and condensing units to high standards, with an added focus on tailoring equipment to individual applications. Lakshmikanthan Elumalai has been production manager for BITZER’s Sydney production facility for more than three years.

”Our customers have high expectations, so consistent quality control is important,” Lakshmi says.

The testo 570 & 552 devices are used to monitor the performance of BITZER’s various refrigeration units.

How is BITZER equipped for quality assurance?

Despite all the expertise available in ensuring every refrigeration unit is up to scratch, BITZER still needs top-of-the-line tools to help. Testo refrigeration tools such as the testo 570 and testo 552 are vital elements in the quality assurance process.

”Back in 2014 we were looking for temperature monitoring devices that could provide hard guarantees about the quality of equipment delivered. We wanted to minimise the number of units returned to us under warranty – time and repair costs we didn’t need,” says Lakshmi.

”After trialling a Testo product in Autumn, we decided to go ahead with the partnership and had three more temperature monitoring units in use by the end of the year.”

Prior to working with Testo, BITZER Australia used time-consuming processes such as analogue pressure gauges and soapy water leak tests. This method wasn’t accurate or reliable enough for pressure testing and evacuations.

”With the testo 570 and testo 552 bluetooth units, we were able to guarantee the highest quality possible – and this is reflected in the brand confidence of our marketplace.”

The testo 570 and testo 552

The testo 570

This digital temperature gauge fulfils numerous functions in testing equipment performance, generating multiple data sets in order to form a complete picture of how any unit works. The testo 570 boasts nearly 1,000 hours of storage, with optimised functionality for collating data.

The testo 552

Best-in-its-class for digital dehumidification and vacuum information reading, the testo 552 is easily connectable with smart devices, pulling data straight from the unit to be processed and organised in an easy-to-understand way. ”Ultimately Testo has given us the tools to generate accurate data reports that get sent to our clients alongside their refrigeration equipment. Everything is there, everything is transparent,” Lakshmi says. For more information on Testo’s range of refrigeration monitoring devices, contact the team.

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