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Application areas


Food safety
Cooking oil quality

Smart Flue gas measurement technology

Detection of leaks in refrigeration systems

Serviceability test of gas pipes

Servicing a gas burner with a flue gas analyzer

Fine dust measurement on a pellet heating system

Professional comfort measurement

Multifunction and Long-term measurement IAQ

Volume flow measurement in duct and diffuser

Measurements in a cleanroom

Measurment at supply air, exhaust air, swirl outlets

Volume flow hood
Measuring volume flow

Comfort measurement

Volume flow measurement in the duct

Volume flow measurement at air outlets

Evacuation of a refrigeration system

U-value measurement on a wall (unknown structure)

Determination of the starting current

Energetic refurbishment
Infrared measurment

Thermal imager
Building thermography

Maintenance with
thermal imager

Smart and efficient testing of refrigeration systems