Safe food practices despite price increase and supply shortages

 Rising prices, unreliable supply chains and the increasingly noticeable shortage of skilled workers: The challenges for food services and restaurants are as diverse as they are complex. Now it is critical to continue to consistently ensure food safety according to HACCP guidelines.This way, your guests will stay loyal to you and you will be successful in business.

Learn how measurement technology helps the foodservice sector to reduce costs and ensure food safety from Incoming Goods to food service.

Which foods are particularly affected by the price increase?

Food was cheap and abundant for years and in many countries. However, this situation changed last summer:

Between June 2021 and June 2022, food prices increased noticeably worldwide due to the Corona pandemic, global conflicts, and inflation.

Edible fats and oils

Price development edible oil

Meat and meat products

Price development meat

Dairy products and eggs

Price development milk

Application testo 270

Measuring tips: Reducing costs with measurement technology

Did you know that every day, food measuring instruments from Testo help food professionals around the world not only comply with regulatory requirements, but also reduce their costs? The testo 270 frying oil tester has proved particularly useful here - our recommendation for process optimization of oil management

Save frying oil - because every drop counts

Edible oil has been particularly affected by the rise in food prices. In some countries, the cost of the liquid gold more than doubled! But there is a remedy: Regular measurement with the frying oil tester testo 270 prevents the oil from being replaced too early or too late – this can reduce cooking oil consumption by up to 20 %, thus noticeably saving costs.

Calculate savings potential now

This is how quickly the use of cooking oil measurement technology pays off for you: With just a few clicks, the Testo cooking oil calculator shows you how much your individual savings will be.

More safety between the cold room and the stove: Even more measurement tips

Efficient measuring processes can also noticeably speed up processes in Incoming Goods, storage and the kitchen - and this helps to reduce costs while at the same time complying with HACCP specifications.

Incoming Goods


Before goods are transferred to your responsibility, they must be checked conscientiously and efficiently to ensure that the quality is correct. Ideal for this: A combined infrared and penetration thermometer such as the testo 104 IR.

If the random measurement of the surface temperature is not right, you can use the same measuring instrument to measure the core temperature. It often turns out that goods are in perfect condition and do not need to be disposed of after all.



When storing food, monitoring environmental conditions is critical for safe food and cost control. For example, a data logger such as the testo 174 T can be used in refrigeration units to ensure that they actually deliver the cooling performance they are supposed to.

Because a faulty refrigerator results in unnecessary costs over many years due to avoidable food spoilage.



The kitchen is where the greatest potential for food protectors lies dormant. Because in addition to measuring the core temperature shortly before serving (for example with the testo 108), it is also possible to measure the pH value of meat (testo 205) or, as mentioned above, the quality of frying oil (testo 270) and save costs at the same time.

All measured values support more careful handling of food and compliance with food safety regulations.

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