High temperature

Applications with high temperatures especially in energy intensive industries, such as in the metal industry, chemical industry or construction materials industry, require a flexible measuring range of up to 1,200°C. Whether in glass bottle manufacturing, ceramics or tile production: wherever hot materials are processed, quality can suffer if machines and conveyor belts are not suitably heated. Testo thermal imagers allow you to test the exact temperatures from a safe distance (depending on the camera up to 650 °C, optionally 1200 °C possible). Operation does not need to be interrupted for the measurement. Even in industrial maintenance, thermal imagers are excellent for measuring high temperatures from a safe distance. This allows you to identify wear, damaged insulation and coking on furnaces and ladles. In thermographic quality assurance or process optimisation, the temperature distribution of the product to be manufactured is checked as a matter of priority. Conclusions are drawn as to whether the requisite target process temperature has been uniformly attained. This enables us to ascertain whether the quality of the final product will prove satisfactory. The main advantage of thermography: this high-temperature measurement can be carried out while the process is ongoing.

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