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Damp ceilings and walls may be a result of structural damage. In most cases, however, it is a sign of improper ventilation. Once the mould appears inside a house, the tenant assumes that moisture has come in from outside. Numerous disputes have erupted because of the issue of who is liable for the mould damage. However, it is difficult to find out who or what has caused the mould: the tenant or faulty structural design? Finding structural defects and ensuring building quality can be carried out quickly and efficiently via infrared measurement with a Testo thermal imager. Possible defects in the construction are identified at an early stage and building quality can be ensured. Testo thermal imagers are really well suited for providing proof of the quality and implementation of construction measures. Thermal bridges can also be detected quickly and simply, e.g. caused by defects in laying thermal insulation. Thermal bridges waste energy. Condensation can also form in such places due to the humidity in the ambient air. As a result, mould forms in these locations with the associated health risks for the occupants. This mould formation can be avoided: Testo thermal imagers use the externally determined ambient temperature and humidity as well as the measured surface temperature to calculate the relative surface moisture value for each measuring point. The mould formation is therefore displayed on screen. Any moisture and leaks that occur in buildings are also visible in the thermal image. This also means efficient avoidance of mould formation.

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