Field reports from customers and partners concerning the COVID-19 pandemic

Read here how our customers and partners are getting through the Covid-19 pandemic and how they are coping with its challenges.

Field report: HUQQA, Turkey

Uğur Çayırlı
Uğur Çayırlı, Food Safety & Quality
Administrator at HUQQA, Turkey

Rapid adaptation of established standards

“ In principle, all practices and procedures for hygiene and food safety at HUQQA are of a very high standard. However, given that we are facing a rapidly developing pandemic here, which no one in the world could have foreseen, initially we did not have any procedures or protocols that were specifically tailored to this situation.

We have now adapted our food safety system accordingly and we are making sure that the precautionary measures taken by the Turkish ministries and the Scientific Committee are meticulously implemented, along with other measures.

Adaptation of individual processes

Specifically, in addition to our existing measures, we have implemented social distancing and face shields to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Masks and gloves were already in use at HUQQA.

We have also maximized the frequency of cleaning and disinfection procedures and integrated disinfection/sterilization applications such as ULV and UVC into our processes. We have also introduced practices to prevent the transmission of viruses during our key processes such as the receipt of goods, storage, production and service.

Customers have learned a lot

I found it very interesting that ever since the start of the pandemic, the requirements of our customers in terms of hygiene and food safety have also changed. One of the reasons I put this down to is the fact that people have learned a great deal during this period of time under the guidance of our ministries and the Scientific Committee.

As a result, our guests have begun to take a closer look at the many details involved in their visit to our restaurant; the greeting and farewell, the social distancing and hygiene practices and also the behaviour of our staff and their compliance with these rules. This was gratifying for us, as it enabled us to develop as a quality-conscious brand.

Greater safety and transparency thanks to a digital solution

We were already making comprehensive use of the digital solution from Testo. This enabled us to quickly add more quality forms at the start of the epidemic in order to implement the precautionary measures adopted by our ministries.

In addition, we are constantly reviewing our system and adding new quality forms, created under the guidance of the ministries and the Scientific Committee, to further improve our standards of hygiene. Specifically, the Testo solution testo Saveris Restaurant has given us the big advantage of being able to keep a close eye on whether all the necessary measures have been implemented by our staff. This is the only way to ensure that all current food safety and hygiene practices are being strictly adhered to.

And that’s why I would definitely say that the digital food safety solution from Testo is making our work more reliable and easier. But this was already the case before COVID-19. Thanks to this system, we can freely create and develop all the elements and quality documents that we need for our work, and respond appropriately to new challenges.”



The trendy Turkish eatery is known for its contemporary menus and dazzling ambience that offers diners unforgettable moments through food, by serving global cuisine and signature flavours inspired by the rich culture of Turkey and beyond.

Originally from Turkey, HUQQA began its journey at “The Bosporus” – one of the most unique lounges in Istanbul. As a true testament to its success story, HUQQA has since expanded to the rest of Europe as well as to the United States.

Field report: Hungry Lion, South Africa

Gerhard Kotze
Gerhard Kotze, Regional Manager at
Hungry Lion, South Africa

“ For Hungry Lion, the time since the beginning of the epidemic has been a tough fight, but we are making progress – partly because we were prepared for a situation like this.

One of the biggest challenges we had to face was definitely the decline in our guest numbers due to legal restrictions.

Food safety becomes even more important

I found it interesting to observe that our staff have placed even greater focus on food safety ever since then. I expect this trend to continue in the future.

Making extensive use of the solution

Our digital solution from Testo has been used extensively during the pandemic, since cleanliness, hygiene and product quality became even more important factors than they already were.
Compared to our use of testo Saveris Restaurant during pre-Corona times, there is now greater focus on the safety of our customers and employees.

Recommendation: Just go for it

Working with the system on a day-to-day basis helped us to focus on the correct and important aspects of our everyday work. For this reason, among others, I would say that the Testo solution is supporting Hungry Lion during this challenging time.

And to all those responsible for quality in restaurant chains, all I can say is that the Testo system will change your world as you know it, and you will never look back. Just go for it!”

Logo Hungry Lion

About Hungry Lion

With over 200 restaurants in seven countries, and over 4000 staff, Hungry Lion is one of the most successful quick-service restaurant chains in southern Africa.

Field report: Food Focus, South Africa

Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson, Director at
Food Focus, South Africa

More stress for the industry

“ As an educational firm for the food industry, we were not hit as hard by the pandemic and its consequences as some of our clients have been.

However, we could observe that COVID-19 essentially signifies extra stress for the industry – both emotionally and economically. Among other things, market development is very slow, customer demand has declined noticeably and there are many issues related to the employees at the companies.

Identifying future challenges

I see a particular challenge at the intersection of food safety and COVID-19, in what to do if it should turn out that the virus may also transmitted via food although this remains unlikely. The additional controls required to manage the control measures for the pandemic are taking resources from food safety which is a risk.

Well-positioned digitally

In my opinion, digital management systems such as Testo’s solution provide a very good basis for implementing the appropriate COVID programs and for streamlining processes and data management.”

Logo Food Focus

About Food Focus

The aim of Food Focus is to provide the local food industry in the Republic of South Africa with comprehensive resources and to make critical knowledge available in a way that is understandable and easily applicable in order to help solve the complex compliance issues that it faces.

The company looks beyond food safety and quality and addresses a range of factors that food businesses are facing, including occupational health and safety risks, environmental requirements and corporate social responsibility.

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