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Travellers are usually short of time. But breaks are still needed – especially on long trips.

So much the better then, if one can refresh oneself in a restaurant with fresh and top-quality dishes, instead of consuming finished products in the shortest possible time.

In Switzerland, Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG (MRS) takes care of the physical well-being of millions of road and rail travellers and at airports.

In order to ensure the quality and freshness of the products even more efficiently, the company decided to introduce the digital quality management solution testo Saveris Restaurant for the “Cindy’s” and “Zopf & Zöpfli” brands.

Cindy’s Diner Restaurant

The customer

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG is the market leader in Swiss highway gastronomy and stands for fresh food on the road.

  • The company operates 31 gastronomic sites, a catering division and a hotel – all at high frequency locations.
  • The brands include Marché Restaurant, Marché Catering, Cindy’s Diner and Zopf & Zöpfli.
  • In 2018, the roughly 900 MRS employees were able to serve over 9.4 million guests. In the same year, turnover amounted to just under 111 million CHF.
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The challenge

Restaurant cooking oil measurement

How can the high quality of travel gastronomy be guaranteed? When MRS began with the introduction of testo Saveris Restaurant in 2017, this was both a question and a vision in equal measure. Because freshness and quality are among the supporting pillars of the company, and a solution which is able to consolidate and monitor both is accordingly important.

Before the integration of testo Saveris Restaurant, HACCP and quality assurance were implemented in all restaurants the conventional way, with a pen and paper.

The freshness philosophy of MRS demands flexibility – for this reason, a digital solution contributes considerably to a positive time management: In the fast-moving gastronomic sector, adaptation and access to constantly changing declarations and measurement values can be carried out in a time-saving manner thanks to digitalization.

In order to ensure cross-restaurant collaboration, optimize work routines for quality assurance purposes and identify strengths as well as challenges early, MRS decided to replace their paper-based HACCP implementation with the digital quality management solution testo Saveris Restaurant. 

“Thanks to the step-by-step introduction of the digital HACCP management with testo Saveris Restaurant, we at MRS have been able to assemble important insights and experiences while optimizing our food safety processes. We were particularly impressed by the solution’s digital checklists, integration of temperature measurements, the tablet’s photo function and the software hierarchies for presenting the next-level responsibilities.”

Birke Baden (Quality Manager)
Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG

Other advantages of testo Saveris Restaurant according to users and quality supervisors at Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG:

  • Food safety can be implemented confidently in the smallest space by 1 to 2 persons
  • Time savings through automatic temperature recording in the data loggers
  • The resource-saving use of paper has also has a space-saving effect in archiving
  • Attractive presentation of the HACCP concept on the tablet and in the systems’s web dashboard
  • Digital reports and evaluations
  • Photographic traceability of the respective USP product of a concept (fresh meat from Cindy's Diner to Cindy's Burger Trailer, quality of bread products at delivery)
  • Digital quality handbook with next-level areas of responsibility establishes a restaurant-wide quality perception

The solution

The introduction of testo Saveris Restaurant began at Cindy’s. Cindy’s is present on Swiss roads as a stationary diner and as a mobile trailer. The burger restaurants’ unique selling point are the freshly prepared burger patties and the hand-cut Cindy’s Fries, which are cooked to order on site. The correct temperatures in the refrigerated units and the quality of the cooking oil in the deep-fryers are accordingly important. Because these are crucial to produce high-quality burgers and crispy fries. 

The pilot implementation of testo Saveris Restaurant proved to be a complete success, and after Cindy’s Burger Trailer, the solution was also introduced in Cindy’s Diner and finally at the sites of the takeaway concept Zopf & Zöpfli.

Classical food measuring instruments from Testo were also in use at MRS before testo Saveris Restaurant. The trust gained here and the challenges met together led to the use of testo Saveris Restaurant, and with it the now digitalized handbook and the testo Saveris Dashboard. In addition to this, MRS also uses: Data loggers for refrigerated and deep-freeze units, cooking oil measuring instruments as well as the combined infrared and penetration thermometer testo 104-IR BT with Bluetooth.

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The advantages

testo Saveris Restaurant is a networked system working at MRS as a link between the Support Office and the co-workers charged with operative tasks: The data obtained in storage, kitchen and service are used by the Support Team for extensive analysis and optimization activities.

This common access to the system from different locations increases cooperation and helps more strongly to anchor the quality idea at all levels of MRS.

For those responsible, a further deciding fact was that the Testo handheld measuring instruments automatically transmit their measurement values into the quality management system, and that the co-workers are guided through corresponding correction measures when there are deviations from the standard.

The individual adaptation of the quality handbook also ensures more planning flexibility, while the adjustable limit values and the corresponding alarms increase security.

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More information

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