Instruments for humidity measurement

Find out here how the measurement of air humidity and material moisture in daily practice works. Whether you wish to measure the indoor climate in an office, or the trace moisture of wood. At Testo, you will find the right thermohygrometer for your application.

Raumklimamessung in Büroräumen

  • Measures air temperature and relative air humidity
  • Calculates dewpoint and wet bulb temperature
  • Display of min. and max. values, hold function, auto-off
  • Long-lasting quality through long-term stable humidity sensor

Continuous measurement of temperature and relative humidity

  • Continuous measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity
  • Calculation and display of the dewpoint
  • Large, clear display
  • Durable quality: capacitive humidity sensor with long-term stability for many years of measurement

Wood moisture measuring instrument

  • Precise measurement of moisture in wood
  • Characteristic curves for a wide range of woods and building materials
  • Hold function for easy measuring value readout
  • Easy operation and display illumination