Measuring technology for those days when the work seems never-ending

With these 5 beneficial features, you’ll be prepared for anything

testo 557 operation

1. Ease of use

  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Faster results
  • Fewer measurement errors
Testo manifold display

2. Clear reading display

  • Results at a glance
  • Graphic progression
  • Intuitive apps
Smart Probes documentation

3. Digital documentation

  • No paperwork
  • With photos
  • E-mailing as a PDF
Refrigerant manifold

4. More flexibility

  • All refrigerants stored
  • Manifolds with automatic heat pump mode
  • Testo Smart Probes with 100 meter Bluetooth range
Testo robust

5. Reliable durability

  • Long battery life
  • No leaks
  • High quality manufacturing
Free Wera Multitool

Perfect for servicing – perfect for testing

testo 557
Digital manifold in a kit

testo 557 kit
  • Automatic calculation of system parameters
  • Automatic mode for heat pumps
  • Automatic absolute pressure measurement
  • Vacuum measurement with external probe

testo 550
Digital manifold in a kit

  • Automatic calculation of system parameters
  • Automatic mode for heat pumps

testo Smart Probes
AC & refrigeration test kit

Testo Smart Probes Refrigeration
  • 2 high-pressure measuring instruments, 2 clamp thermometers
  • Pressure measurement with no loss of refrigerant
  • Operation via app

testo 552
Vacuum gauge with Bluetooth

testo 552
  • Comply with the manufacturer's specifications for pressures
  • Remote monitoring of the measurement via app
  • More security via alarm

testo 316-3
Leak detector for refrigerants

testo 316-3
  • Detects leaks even in contaminated areas
  • Detects even the smallest leaks
  • Visual and acoustic alarm

testo 770-3
Clamp meter with Bluetooth

testo 770-3
  • Practical clamp mechanism for wires in tight spaces
  • Progression display of the measurement in the app

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Purchase a testo 557 or testo 550 digital manifold kit before xx/xx/xxxx, and you will receive a high-quality multi-tool from Wera worth €55 (RRP) free of charge.

3 steps to getting your multi-tool

  1. Purchase a promo kit
  2. Upload the invoice
  3. Receive the multi-tool by post

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