Testing the flue gas measuring instrument testo 300

Marcello Cigoli

C.M.Z. srl | Italy

Marcello Cigoli with testo 300

"My very first test of the new flue gas analyzer testo 300 showed me that with the newly introduced technology, it’s made a giant quantum leap."

Erwin van de Pol

Van de Pol Installaties | Netherlands

Erwin van de Pol with testo 300

"The built-in address book of the testo 300 is among our favourite features. Now every customer is listed with which measurements were done, with which results."

Sebastiaan Moonen

Van Tilburg Energie Design | Netherlands

Sebastiaan Moonen with testo 300

"I especially like the user-friendliness of the testo 300. If you can handle a smartphone, this measuring instrument is right for you."

Maximilian Kretschmar

District Chimney Sweep | Germany

Maximilian Kretschmar with testo 300

"The testo 300 makes the same robust impression on me as the testo 330-2 LL already did. But with the new display, there’s a lot which is more user-friendly and easier to operate."

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