Safe and economic operation of photovoltaic plants

Testo thermal imagers can be used to monitor photovoltaic systems of all sizes in a way that is

  • wide-ranging,
  • contact-free
  • and efficient.

This ensures that the plants are operated at their maximum level of economy at all times.

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Monitoring and checking photovoltaic plants

Person thermographically testing photovoltaic plant

Using solar thermography, module defects and installation faults can be reliably detected – for example:

  • Hot-spots due to module defects
  • Modules at open circuit
  • Short-circuits
  • Loose contacts
  • Overheated cables and connection sockets

Thermal image of photovoltaic plant with defect

The requirements of plant security and personal protection can be combined in a solar-thermographic examination:

  • Malfunctions are easy to detect on thermal images, and smooth functioning of all components is guaranteed, thus achieving danger-free operation of the photovoltaic plant.
  • Thanks to measurement from a safe distance, optimum personal protection is guaranteed at all times.

Efficient maintenance of solar parks

Solar park

In particular for large photovoltaic plants, regular thorough checks are essential, as a malfunction in a single solar cell can already have a negative effect on the yield of the overall plants.

Time-saving measurement:

Even with hundreds of square metres of module area and changing intensity of solar irradiation, solar thermography represents a very efficient method for searching for thermal anomalies.


Thermal image of photovoltaic plant on roof

Increased measurement certainty thanks to solar radiation intensity input

Solar mode:

The solar radiation intensity value can be stored together with the thermal image and is then available for the image analysis.

Ensure the efficiency of solar parks

  • Testo example application
    • Testo example application
  • For large photovoltaic plants, reliable and yet time-saving inspection is essential.
  • Thermal imagers from Testo allow easy recording and management of thermal images, as well as professional, meaningful analysis.
  • Find out more from this example application.
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