Measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions for pharmaceutical production

If pharmaceuticals are produced and stored under the wrong climatic conditions, the stability and therefore the efficacy of the drugs can suffer as a result. Possible consequences: commercial losses or even extensive compensation claims.

Don’t let it come to that: Testo can support you in a GMP-regulated environment with reliable measuring technology and all-in-one solutions that are audit-safe.

IAQ monitoring: Stationary monitoring of environmental parameters

From simple hygrometers and data loggers through to automated IAQ monitoring systems: Testo’s measurement solutions offer you reliable and continuous measurement of the relevant ambient conditions. This enables you to reliably comply with external and internal quality requirements in GMP-regulated environments.

The all-in-one solution: The testo Saveris Pharma environmental monitoring system

Laboratory staff take samples out of a refrigerator

Uninterrupted monitoring during pharmaceutical production – using one system

  • Integrated system comprising sensors, software and services
  • Seamless recording and documentation of all audit-relevant IAQ parameters in pharmaceutical production
  • Compliant with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11

Flexible environmental monitoring with data loggers

The testo 175 H1 data logger monitors the humidity at a raw materials warehouse in the pharmaceutical industry.

testo 175 H1 data logger

Your data logger for the long-term measurement and documentation of temperature, relative humidity and dewpoint.
The testo 176 P1 data logger measures and documents the ambient pressure in a pharmaceutical production laboratory.

testo 176 P1 data logger

Ideal for high-precision and reliable documentation of pressure, temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical production.

Which data logger is best for your application?
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Qualification and validation of processes

With the testo 190 CFR data loggers, which have been specifically developed for the pharmaceutical industry, you can validate your sterilization and freeze-drying processes in a highly efficient and simple way.

Qualification of a freeze-drying process with testo 190


  • The testo 190 T3/T4 CFR temperature data logger monitors the temperature profile during freeze-drying processes in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Qualification of the plate temperature with five measuring points per plate
  • Steam in Place (SIP): Subsequent sterilization of the system with superheated steam
Autoclave loggers record the temperature during the sterilization process


  • The testo 190 T3/T4 CFR temperature data logger enables independent routine checks and validations of steam sterilizers
  • Physical and biological evidence that the sterilization method is suitable for the product
  • Positioning the data logger’s probe tip in the core of the item being sterilized

Other areas of application

Find out more about the measuring solutions that can support you in your laboratory and cleanroom processes and in pharmaceutical logistics.

Services, measuring technology and know-how

Testo Industrial Services guarantees the first-class quality of your processes and products 

  • Qualification & re-qualification 
  • Measuring instrument calibration & validation 
  • Staff training

Customized probes

Do standard probes not match your requirements? We can develop customized probes for you

  • Measuring range & accuracy
  • Probe tube length
  • Connection cable

Expert knowledge

Gain a competitive edge when it comes to carrying out measuring tasks:

  • Testo white paper IAQ monitoring
  • Testo GxP Dictionary
  • Plus lots more downloads


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