Ease of operation. Fast results.

In Incoming Goods, you need to work quickly: Many different foods are delivered, and have to be checked before being accepted.

Robust and easy-to-operate IR and penetration thermometers from Testo provide reliable measurement results in the shortest possible time. They ensure that only qualitatively impeccable goods make it to the storerooms and sales areas.

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For flexible measurements:
Infrared and penetration thermometer

Save time in Incoming Goods with testo 104 IR and testo 826 T4
  • Measure surface and core temperature
  • Compact, watertight, HACCP-compliant

For surface temperature:
Infrared thermometer

Non-contact measurement in Incoming Goods with IR thermometers from Testo
  • Determines the surface temperature non-intrusively and without contact
  • Fast and reliable measurement

For core temperatures and frozen goods: Penetration thermometer

Penetration thermometer for incoming goods
  • Exchangeable measurement tips e.g. for frozen goods
  • Handy and stable: for powerful penetration measurements in frozen goods
  • Can be cleaned under running water, optical and audible alarm