Easy monitoring. Automatic documentation.

From crispy salads to fresh fish: Display counters are the visiting card of every supermarket. Impeccable quality is taken for granted.

Data loggers from Testo are ideally suited to monitoring and documenting food temperatures in display counters 24/7. You meet compliance and convince your customers with the highest quality.

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Monitoring temperature and humidity with data loggers

Data logger fresh food counters
  • Measurement and document temperature and humidity reliably
  • Saves 1 mio. measurement values, battery life 3 years: ideal for long-term applications
  • Easy evaluation on a PC
  • In accordance with EN 12830

Automatic monitoring with a alarm function by wireless LAN: Data logger system testo Saveris 2

Automatic monitoring by wireless LAN with testo Saveris 2
  • Monitors and documents temperature and humidity automatically and without interruption
  • Easily integrated into an existing wireless LAN
  • Measurement values are stored in the loggers and in the Testo Cloud
  • Access to all measurement data by PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Alarms by SMS, e-mail or push