Adhering to the HACCP guidelines in food preparation.

HACCP hygiene in the kitchen includes monitoring in food preparation. Your guests rely on being able to consume the food on offer safely. For this it is necessary to pay attention to the correct heating and temperature of the foods.

Testo's HACCP-compliant core temperature measuring instruments with EN 13485 certification ensure reliable food temperature measurement.

When it comes to saving cooking oil and compliance with statutory regulations, our testo 270 cooking oil tester is the ideal measuring instrument.

Temperature measuring instruments and cooking oil tester in food preparation

With a large selection of probes:
Temperature measuring instruments.

Temperature measuring instruments for food preparation
  • Measure core temperature
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Waterproof, HACCP-compliant, universally applicable

For core temperatures:
Penetration thermometer.

Testo penetration thermometers check the core temperature
  • Measure core temperature
  • Fine measurement tips for almost invisible punctures
  • Different models for every application

For ideal cooking oil quality:
Cooking oil tester.

Ensure cooking oil quality with the testo 270
  • Measures TPM
  • Automatic final value recognition
  • Three-stage alarm function

Practical tips and information to download

Measurement technology tips for restaurateurs

Which measuring instrument suits your requirements? Clearly arranged graphic decision-making assistance and clear product comparisons – now in the new brochure specially for gastronomy and restaurants.


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