Your challenges in residential ventilation

Balanced ventilation systems are found in more and more real estate. Accordingly, these systems frequently need to be commissioned, adjusted and tested. Only then can the plants perform efficiently. Because, whereas a plant which is set too high causes inflated energy costs, one set too low is unable to guarantee sufficient air exchange.

The suitable measurement technology for these important tasks should fulfil two points:

  • Easy to use: Whether you’re a pro or only measure occasionally.
  • No measurement errors: Always precise, at all vents.

Practical guide: Measurement tasks on residential ventilation systems

Your solutions: IAQ measuring instrument and smart IAQ kit

Air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument

testo 440 vane kit
  • Intuitive measurement menus, incl. for volume flow
  • Large graphic display
  • internal data storage and USB port
Residential ventilation

A comprehensive selection of probes

Testo probes
  • 1 handle for all probe heads
  • Wireless probes for more convenience and less cable chaos
Measuring instrument probes

Testo Smart Probes

Testo Smart Probes
  • Compact pro measuring instruments for your smartphone
  • For all important parameters
  • Operation/docu via App
Smartphone measuring instruments

Recommended products for monitoring residential ventilation

Kit: testo 440 with 100 mm vane

Volume flow straightener

testo Smart Probes VAC kit

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Probe head for humidity & temperature

Probe head for CO2, temperature and humidity

Video: The testo 440 in use

Then IAQ pro for IAQ pros: The universal air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 400

Multi-function measuring instrument

Measurement solutions for facility management

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