Mechanical maintenance

In mechanical components, heat build-up is a definite sign of increasing wear, insufficient lubricant or excessive operational stress. The thermal imagers from Testo will help you 

  • in performing reliable inspections of mechanical systems
  • in identifying thermal irregularities 
  • in the fast fill level monitoring of closed liquid tanks 
  • in performing high-temperature measurements up to 1200 °C

Regular inspections with thermal imagers is therefore an essential prerequisite to the safe and reliable operation of your systems. The thermographic assessment allows imminent breakdowns to be detected and repairs to be scheduled. Expensive downtimes can therefore be consistently prevented.


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Condition/fill level monitoring

Maintenance rather than breakdown

Mechanical maintenance in industry
Thermal image of mechanical maintenance in industry

Before a failure, signs of wear on machines are indicated by an increase in temperature. Thermal imagers from Testo allow you to quickly and reliably detect 

  • excessive friction
  • faulty settings
  • insufficient lubrication 
  • deviations from tolerances

Thanks to infrared measurement, you can inspect systems and components during operation from a safe distance, draft your report, and initiate the relevant maintenance measures.

Efficient fill level monitoring with thermal imagers

Fill level monitoring
Thermal image of fill level monitoring

Be it insufficient lubricant, coolant or a full oil separator – if the level of process liquids isn’t right, machine damage or production downtimes can often be the result. With the thermal imagers from Testo you are always on the safe side:

  • Reliable fill level monitoring - also remotely 
  • Easy monitoring in addition to automatic monitoring of the tank

Regular inspection with a thermal imager from Testo therefore ensures safe, uninterrupted operation of your systems.


High temperature measurement

Preventive maintenance

High temperature industry
Thermal image of high temperatures in industry

In the chemical industry, in metal processing and in energy production, high-temperature processes pose particular challenges for maintenance. Thermal imagers from Testo can reliably record temperatures up to 1200 °C, and assist you in locating

  • worn spots
  • material fatigue
  • structural defects

The infrared measurement method allows you to check your systems from a safe distance during operation and initiate maintenance measures before important parts fail.

Quality assurance and process optimisation

High temperatures in industry
Thermal image of high temperatures in industry

In processes in the high-temperature range, the even distribution of heat and attainment of the target temperature both play a significant role in the quality of the product. Thermal imagers from Testo will support you when it comes to quality assurance and optimising your processes by:

  • checking the target temperature
  • monitoring heat distribution
  • identifying heat losses

The major advantage of thermography: all measurements can be taken during operation from a safe distance and any changes in the process can be assessed immediately.

Practical guide on thermography in preventive maintenance

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