Leak detection with a thermal imager

Checking heating systems, making hidden water pipes visible and detecting leaks – for all these challenges, you need reliable tools. Tools like the pro thermal imagers from Testo.

Our imagers are manufactured in Germany, stand out thanks to their reliable brand quality and support you with these functions, among others:

  • Evaluating mould risk according to the traffic light principle
  • Streaming of thermal images to mobile end devices
  • Intuitive documentation

Of course our thermal imagers also support you in the thermographic inspection of complete buildings.
More on building thermography here.

NEW: testo 883 thermal imager

for building energy consultation

Evaluate mould risk:
Humidity image

  • Directly in the thermal image
  • Intuitively according to the traffic light principle
  • Radio humidity probe can be integrated

Stream measurements live:
testo Thermography App

  • Smartphone/tablet as a second display
  • Ideal for convincing customers
  • Fast reports on site

Professional documentation:
testo IRSoft

  • Process and comprehensively analyze thermal images
  • Fast and easy reports thanks to templates
  • Free with every Testo thermal imager
Leakage thermal imager

Locating leaks

  • High thermal sensitivity for the smallest temperature differences
  • Wide field of view for recording in small rooms
Heating thermography

Visualize silting

  • See and document problems
  • Check performance after flushing

  • testo 865 thermal imager
    • testo 865 thermal imager
  • Switch on, point, know more.
  • testo 868 thermal imager
    • testo 868 thermal imager
  • Smart and networked thermal imaging.
  • testo 871 thermal imager
    • testo 871 thermal imager
  • Smart thermography for professional requirements.
  • testo 872 thermal imager
    • testo 872 thermal imager
  • Smart thermography with optimum image quality.

Practical guide: Thermography for heating constructors

Thermography consultation
  • Detecting leakages
  • Testing radiators
  • A thermal imager pays off this fast

Brochure building thermography

Thermal imager download
  • Applications
  • Technologies
  • Model overview

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