Monitoring ambient conditions in facility management

As a facility manager, it is part of your responsibility to ensure that the conditions in all rooms in a building always meet the desired requirements.

If it doesn't, complaints, damage or even production disturbances can occur.

With the WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, you can finally prevent these problems automatically and with a minimum of effort.

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Monitoring indoor climate

Your challenge

Temperature monitoring

  • in order to ensure the right climate in a building,
  • to identify temperature and air humidity deviations in time
  • and in cases of malfunctions, to take counter-measures early.
Monitoring indoor climate in facility management

Your solution

The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

  • Loggers can be placed anywhere – thanks to wireless LAN data transfer, even at difficult-to-access sites
  • Measurement values are automatically transferred to the Cloud, and stored there
  • Data are accessible at any time via a web browser – also on a smartphone/tablet
  • Alarm for critical values
Monitoring indoor climate in facility management

Your advantages

How testo Saveris 2 creates more efficiency

  • Automated and secure temperature monitoring
  • No more manual readout and documentation
  • All data in view: no matter where you are
  • Maximum flexibility with the Advanced licence
  • Find out more

How testo Saveris 2 works in facility management

Monitor ambient conditions with a minimum of effort

The WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2 takes work off your hands and creates an additional security bonus thanks to the alarm function.

Find out in our expert report on the use of testo Saveris 2 in faciliy management in industrial companies, how you too can profit in your daily work.

Overview of the testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system

The Testo data loggers

testo Saveris 2 data loggers

We designed testo Saveris 2 so that you can easily assemble your individual solution with the right loggers and your optimum Cloud licence.

As a starter, we recommend the two WiFi data loggers testo Saveris 2-H1 and testo Saveris 2-T1 for monitoring temperature and humidity.

The testo Saveris 2 Cloud

The licence models of testo Saveris 2
  • Central operating element for the monitoring, documentation and administration of all measurement locations
  • Secure protection of your measurement data from unauthorized access by third parties
  • Automatic storage of your measurement values, all measurement data are constantly available
  • Alarm function for critical values
  • Two licence packages with different scopes of function

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

You have the questions – we have the answers.

  • Do I need special PC skills? No.
  • Is my normal wireless LAN enough? Yes.

Video: How testo Saveris 2 works

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