Compressed air meters

suitable for pipe mounting, compatible with all common diameters

In industrial companies, compressed air is an important source of energy which incurs high consumption costs. Testo compressed air meters enable you to measure compressed air consumption with a high degree of accuracy. This makes it possible for you to save energy and reduce costs.

Compressed air meters can also be used for the targeted implementation of environmental management (e.g. as per ISO 50.001 or ISO 14.001). Another field of application is monitoring leaks in your compressed air system. The compressed air meter can also be used to carry out a peak load analysis in order to determine whether you are generating compressed air of sufficient capacity. The newly developed “all-in-one sensor” not only records the compressed air consumption and the temperature, but even the pressure too.This eliminates the need for you to carry out a separate pressure measurement. Compressed air meters in the testo 645X series use the calorimetric measuring principle.

For you, this means that additional pressure and temperature measurement is not needed. At the same time, there are no mechanically moving parts, which means less wear and tear.


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Overview of compressed air meters

  • testo 6451
    • testo 6451
  • Order no.: 0555 6451
  • Diameter: DN15
  • Process connection: R ½″
  • Measuring range: 0,25 … 75 m³/h
  • Built in pressure measurement: Yes
  • testo 6452
    • testo 6452
  • Order no.: 0555 6452
  • Diameter: DN25
  • Process connection: R 1″
  • Measuring range : 0,8 … 225 m³/h
  • Built-in pressure measurement: Yes
  • testo 6453
    • testo 6453
  • Order no.: 0555 6453
  • Diameter: DN40
  • Process connection: R 1 ½″
  • Measuring range: 1,4 … 410 m³/h
  • Built-in pressure measurement: Yes
  • testo 6454
    • testo 6454
  • Order no.: 0555 6454
  • Diameter: DN50
  • Process connection: R 2
  • Measuring range: 2,5 … 700 m³/h
  • Built-in pressure measurement: Yes