The built-in address book of the testo 300 convinces Van de Pol Installaties

The customer’s opinion

"I’m really happy with the flue gas analyzer testo 300, it works as easily as my smartphone. The testo 300 is very user-friendly, and the large display is easy to read, much better that my previous measuring instrument testo 327.

Using the different levels such as Menu/Measurement types/Customer, e-mail function, browser and dropbox is very convenient.

The various measurements I can now carry out with the testo 300 are also very useful, such as the tightness testing of a gas pipe, which we conduct when installing a new boiler.

The built-in address book is among our favourite features. Now every customer is listed with which measurements were done, with which results. As soon as a measurement is finished, it’s saved in our dropbox, and this super-useful tool gives us access to it anywhere. All measurement reports can now be signed off, and the jobs are immediately mailed or saved in the dropbox to be sent later on."

Erwin van de Pol with flue gas analyzer

According to Erwin, the gas consumption calculation tool is also very useful, "it works really easily and requires less activities on site, so that I have more time for the customer. Some customers currently want to know whether the boiler’s using a lot, certainly because of concerns about energy and the sustainability of the house. I can then make a recommendation based on the measurement values.

We find the new testo 300 tools to be user-friendly, future-oriented and even more time-saving in many areas. We haven’t yet been able to test some of the other tools from Testo, but they will certainly also be used in practice when the time comes. We have complete faith in the testo 300!"

Erwin van de Pol,

owner of Van de Pol Installaties (Netherlands)

Erwin van de Pol with testo 300

The company

The core business of Van de Pol Installaties is work on central heating and plumbing systems, swimming pools and air conditioning plants, for both private persons and commercial businesses.
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